Here’s How Much Power The Honda Civic Type R Makes On The Dyno

There have been a ton of numbers drifting around a 2017 Honda Civic Type R lately—its specs and appetite ratings compared to other competition compacts in a market, a crazy-high dealership prices doubling MSRP and a like. But if we wish some genuine numbers, here’s a appetite a Type R creates on a dyno.

The Dyno Center in Puerto Rico tested out a Type R recently, and a numbers are some-more than impressive: The association pronounced in a Facebook post that a automobile done 295 circle horsepower, which, compared to a advertised engine HP, is impossibly high. Here’s a six-second shave of a automobile on a dyno before we mangle down what that series means:

And here’s a reduction fun graphical illustration of a dyno test:

The furious thing is how tighten that wheel-HP series is to the advertised 306 HP, that can be rare.


Wheel HP differs from engine HP—which is mostly a series we see listed by manufacturers when we buy a car—in that engine HP is higher. That’s since engine HP doesn’t take into comment all of a other facilities of a automobile that need appetite to run, or a appetite waste that start from a engine to a wheels.

The dimensions for circle HP takes into comment a things that revoke appetite from a quoted engine HP as appetite travels from a car’s engine to a wheels, creation it a most some-more accurate dimensions of how most appetite a automobile is laying down on a road.

Two-wheel expostulate cars, like a front-wheel-drive Type R, tend to remove 10 to 15 percent of engine HP on a approach to a wheels, since a detriment is mostly 20 to 25 percent in all-wheel-drive cars. If that all sounded like gibberish, here’s a accessible YouTube explainer from Engineering Explained.


Make your possess conclusions about a dual Type R numbers, though possibly way, a car’s advertised HP is super tighten to a circle HP totalled in this dyno test. No matter how a numbers got there, that’s something to appreciate.

Hat tip to Paulo!

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