Head- to-Head: 2003 Nissan Teana vs Toyota Camry

By Paul Kaganzi

Nissan Teanna and Toyota Camry are oppulance mid-size sedans that are an appealing choice for childish corporates or business people who wish to change opening and practicality. Nissan and Toyota grown these dual models to cover a marketplace shred between a smaller tavern vehicles such as a Nissan Altima or Toyota Corolla and a bigger ones such as Nissan Skyline or Toyota MarkII.

They are not so large though are gentle and run on fit engines. A renouned engine choice for a 2003 Nissan Teana is a 2.3-litre 6 cylinder petrol V6 VQ23DE that delivers a energy outlay of 127 KW (171 HP) @ 6000 rpm. The 2003 Toyota Camry’s many renouned engine choice is a 2.4 litre petrol line 4 2AZFE engine that produces an outlay of 115 kW (154 HP) @ 5600 rpm.

Nissan Teana’s 2.5-litre V6 engine does not reason behind when we need to assign full speed ahead. Power smoothness is silky smooth, and there is indeed a pleasing rumble in a engine note when we building a accelerator pedal. Teana’s QR25DE engine partnership with a Continously Variable Transmission (CVT) ensures a well-spoken energy transition from low to high gears.

The Teana’s 2.5L engine’s clever mid-range torque ensures prompt acceleration on-demand. However, this stirring opening is somewhat unsporty as a CVT delivery does not give a prodigy of kicking down and examination a revs lift opposite a tacho when we building it.

Toyota Camry’s 2AZFE engine is reduction assertive and unexciting as it responds slower like a dickey drawn carriage when we flog down. However Camry gives we a improved change between opening and fuel economy interjection to a reduce outlay rev curves, multi indicate electronic fuel injection, Variable Valve Timing (VVTi) and Double beyond camshafts (DOHC).

Nissan Teana and Toyota Camry are exclusively sprung all-round, featuring a common MacPherson front and multi-link back blueprint found in front-wheel expostulate cars. Both cars yield good highway doing manners.

On some of Uganda’s highways with circuitous bends and remarkable trade centre strike stops, a Teana and Camry have good response and say organisation though gentle highway holding. Steering response of both cars is good when swerving or maneuvering pointy bends and there is no lean customary to smaller cars with a narrower circle base.

Styling, comfort and safety
The Nissan Teana is a many photogenic automobile of a dual Japanese barges, it has a purify cut no-frills demeanour with a large distinguished chrome grille adult front and distance means headlamps.

Teana’s side angle looks grand while a back finish has a some-more superb character. The Camry on a other palm looks a small tasteless and austere. However a lines and flow-through textures will keep a interest as time goes by.

The interior pattern of a Teana and a Camry is grand and elegant. All a complicated comfort facilities for party and preference such as CD audio, involuntary atmosphere conditioning, electric windows and mirrors with soothing hold are provided. Modern reserve facilities like a 4 channel Anti close brakes (ABS), Air bags for a motorist and newcomer are customary features.

Reliability and resale value
The Teana and Camry are arguable cars if bought in a good condition. Insist on a technical investigation news by an eccentric technician. It is critical to cruise a mileage of a automobile as it will establish how shortly we have to reinstate a lot of dear parts.

Overall a Teana and Camry have good accessibility of quick relocating use tools such as engine use filters. However, a Camry has a improved accessibility of cessation and physique parts, generally with a tools sellers in downtown Kampala.

The Camry, therefore, has a improved resale value. The CVT gearbox on a Teana performs good though can be dear to use as it requires dear CVT oil usually accessible during a internal Nissan play an try to use wrong oil breaks it down.

The Camry has 3 star points for a improved engine economy and good handling, space, comfort and good reserve ratings, a some-more arguable upkeep tools supply hence a improved resale value.

Teana has 3 star points for improved engine energy and good doing on road, improved styling, good space, comfort and reserve standards. Both cars are a tie in this conduct to head.
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