Head Designer Says Hyundai’s Future Lineup Will be "Sexier Than Alfa Romeo"

For a Geneva engine uncover final March, Hyundai showed off an eye-catching four-door coupe concept called a Le Fil Rouge. Hyundai pronounced a judgment previewed a new pattern denunciation that will be used in destiny products. At a time, though, it wasn’t transparent how watered down a styling would get by a time prolongation designs were finalized. But formed on a new interview, it sounds like Hyundai unequivocally does intend to take some large pattern risks over a subsequent few years.

In an talk with Automotive News, SangYup Lee, Hyundai’s conduct of styling, pronounced we’ll see a Le Fil Rouge-inspired car someday subsequent year and that a code skeleton to pierce divided from a stream same-sausage-different-length proceed to design. Lee also pronounced to pattern destiny Hyundais to come with some Italian flair.

“That emotional, voluptuous beauty, we don’t find that in a volume brands,” he told Automotive News. “For Hyundai to be sexier than Alfa Romeo, this is a goal we wish to achieve.”

Lee also pronounced he doesn’t see Hyundai abandoning sedans, even as crossovers get some-more popular. “The sedan is not going to die,” he said. “That means you’ve got to do some-more on a sedan than a required three-box with a tedious look. What are we going to do to make your sedan special? The SUV has to be really particular and is really important. But where do we wish to take a sedan in a future?”

When it comes to Hyundai’s stream repute for charity good value, it doesn’t sound like Lee sees that changing anytime soon. Instead, he’d like Hyundai to be famous for pattern in further to value. “The value is a given already. I’d like to see people [say], ‘Hyundai has some voluptuous cars. Sexier than Alfa Romeo.’ That is a summary I’d like to give to a world.”

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