Harley-Davidson’s Has a Big Problem and It’s Not Trump. It’s That Its Motorcycles Don’t Fall Apart Fast Enough

In a universe of planned obsolescence left mad, one association is still creation arguable products–and it’s a outrageous problem.

Harley-Davidson (hog) motorcycles don’t wear out quickly, in duty or in style, and it means a association is competing opposite a possess used motorcycles for sales. In a U.S. there are now 3 used Harleys sole for any new one—a decade age, a ratio was reversed, a Wall Street Journal reports—and it’s bringing down a company’s revenues.

But supply isn’t a usually thing that’s brought Harley-Davidson sales down for a final 3 years running. Demand for a motorcycles has also shifted as a baby boomers who propped adult a association in a 1980s age out of motorcycle-riding and a younger era with less cash and opposite lifestyles replaces them. Gone are a days of a supplement and a open road; buyers now cruise their flourishing families and turnpike trade when meditative about a new bike.

And it’s not only business causing problems for a bequest American brand’s sales. The association was held in domestic crossfire over a summer when it announced it would move some prolongation overseas in sequence to equivocate retaliatory tariffs levied by Europe in response to a ones imposed by President Trump. Trump after pronounced he would support a boycott of a association if it followed by with these plans. (Trump’s protest call hasn’t stopped a Secret Service from relocating to buy a new Hog, however.)

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