Harley-Davidson’s Decline Is Sad And Getting Sadder

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Let’s check in on Harley-Davidson, shall we? Last we heard, a iconic American motorcycle builder was very most in trouble, interjection to an aging consumer base. But a association is still alive, and had a annual shareholders assembly final week. Reporters, naturally, were criminialized from attending.

Shareholders meetings for big, publicly-owned companies are typically tedious affairs. They’re also typically open to a media, given they are a possibility for a association to put on a best open face and announce how all is going splendidly. But Harley has had a severe year, announcing a devise to tighten a Kansas City, Missouri plant, while also removing caught in a crossfire of President Donald Trump’s insanely stupid trade war.

So, Harley executives might not, exactly, wish to face doubt from any interrogation minds, most reduction reporters. Still, as The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, exclusive a media from a assembly has usually served to pull some-more courtesy to Harley.

Harley-Davidson orator Mike Pflughoeft pronounced a assembly would usually be a rehash of information already reported.

He pronounced a assembly was scheduled for Thursday to coincide with Harley’s initial “Bike Night” of a year during a museum.

“We also singular entrance to shareholders, as it is their meeting,” a association pronounced in a matter Thursday.

[Shareholder David Livingston], who didn’t attend, wondered either Harley was disturbed about tough questions during a time when a company’s opening has lagged.

“CEO compensation? Plant closures? we don’t consider they wish confrontation,” he said.


Rather than ease things down, a whole part has done Harley demeanour like it has something to hide. There is now more courtesy on a association than before, that is on a unhappy side.

What’s conspicuous is that zero of note unequivocally happened, with a Journal-Sentinel stating that questions about a Kansas City plant and a new Thailand plant came up, yet that’s zero new for a company. Of note: Harley has faced kinship criticism in new days over those dual plants.

I wish Harley would figure out a long-term business indication that works for them, too, though stunts like this are pledge hour for any association that takes itself seriously. I’ve contacted a Harley orator and will refurbish this post if they respond.


Update, 11:50 a.m. A Harley orator gave me a following statement:

This assembly is a “annual assembly of shareholders.” It is a business assembly to control critical shareholder business. The design of a assembly did not change, though several format changes were done this year. We changed a assembly to coincide with a Bike Night during a Museum and we also singular entrance to shareholders, as it is their meeting.

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