Harley-Davidson Trademarks Two More Names Hinting during New Models

Just a few weeks ago, we reported on Harley-Davidson trademarking a name “Bronx” and speculated a probable new indication in a works. Since then, dual some-more names have been copyright by a Milwaukee-based motorcycle code that have us wondering if another code revamp is in a works.

I contend “another” since Harley only gave a large makeover to a large twin lineup. It ditched a Dyna series and combined an all-new Softail lineup for a 2018 indication year with 8 new or rested bikes. With a garland of newly copyright names in play, we’re wondering if something identical is about to occur to a aging Sportster lineup.

The new names that have been copyright are “Pan America” and “48X.” The name 48X reminds us of a existent Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight that is a bobber-style Sportster with a low chair and fat tires. Perhaps a 48X will be a high-performance chronicle of a Forty-Eight with upgraded brakes and cessation or even only a Forty-Eight with a opposite aesthetic. Making a Bonneville Bobber Black in further to a Bonneville Bobber worked really good for Triumph, maybe Harley is holding a page out of a British brand’s playbook.

What a Harley-Davidson Pan America could be is anyone’s guess. Our shot in a dim is some arrange of furloughed chronicle of a Sportster. Sportsters are traditionally, well, sporty, though maybe there’s room for a Sportster done for long-distance comfort with a comfy seat, lots of storage, and maybe even a customary front fairing. The Sportster has never been a good bike for bringing a passenger. maybe a Pan America will change that.

Of course, this is all conjecture and zero we’re observant here has been reliable by Harley-Davidson. We reached out to Harley seeking for criticism on a newly-trademarked names and we were told a code doesn’t speak about destiny product. For now, we have to precipitate adult and wait for an central proclamation about a new names. What do we consider a 48X and Pan America could be? Let us know in a comments section.

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