Harley-Davidson sets adult Amazon storefront for clothing, accessories

Harley-Davidson says it has signed an agreement to sell wardrobe and accessories on Amazon’s website, a step that could strech millions of customers.

Starting Monday, certain equipment are accessible for squeeze in a U.S., with two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members, Harley-Davidson said.

“We live in an on-demand, anywhere, anytime business sourroundings where success depends on a ability to accommodate consumers on their territory and on their terms,” Heather Malenshek, Harley’s comparison clamp boss of offered and brand, pronounced in a news release.

For decades, Harley has aggressively followed a “motor clothes” marketplace with jackets and other attire that are select and functional.

Zippers on coupler sleeves, for example, keep a breeze out when roving in a cold and offer as vents when non-stop on a prohibited day.

Clothing sales are a large partial of Harley-Davidson’s business, and for years a company’s dealerships have sole equipment online.

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But dealerships have been singular to offered non-current or archaic equipment on Amazon.

That won’t change, Harley says. But now a association has a possess Amazon storefront offered current-year sell directly to consumers.

The thought behind a Amazon tie is to strech business who routinely wouldn’t go to a motorcycle dealership though are captivated to a wardrobe and a iconic brand.

Increasingly, U.S. consumers emporium both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

“We live in this sourroundings where success depends on a ability to go where business are, rather than design that they are going to come to us,” pronounced Harley mouthpiece Patricia Sweeney.

Harley says it hold a webinar with a dealerships revelation them about a Amazon partnership. The association says prices will be a same as in dealerships, and it will also collect sales tax.

Harley says it’s posterior agreements with general online retailers as good as Amazon. The stairs are partial of a company’s broader plan, called More Roads to Harley-Davidson, directed during attracting new customers.

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