Harley-Davidson, Sailor Jerry to give divided 22 tradition bikes

Harley-Davidson is giving divided scarcely dual dozen customized motorcycles with a assistance of another American company.

Twenty-two bikes were on arrangement during a Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee Tuesday morning as partial of a proclamation of a multi-year partnership between Harley-Davidson and Sailor Jerry’s Spice Rum.

Sailor Jerry’s had artists from all over a nation pattern and paint a bikes. Sailor Jerry — aka Norman Collins — was a tattoo artist who lived in Hawaii from a 1930s until a 1970s and is widely deliberate one of a godfathers of complicated tattoo art.

“This partnership between Sailor Jerry and Harley-Davidson was such a no brainer. These dual iconic Americana brands unequivocally make clarity to come together,” pronounced Ashley Marsh, a code envoy for Sailor Jerry’s. “Between a artistic-ness (sic) of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins and a true art and leisure of Harley-Davidson.”

The bikes will be accessible for observation during locations around a nation via a summer and will after be accessible for tenure by a sweepstakes thrown by Sailor Jerry Spice Rum.

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