Harley-Davidson is Suing Affliction Over Some Very Familiar Looking Imagery

The latest code to be indicted of ripping off a Harley heading is Affliction. Very informed looking bar and defense images with distinguished use of a word “motor” have been appearing on a brand’s apparel. So familiar, in fact, that Harley-Davidson has filed suit in a U.S. District Court for Eastern Wisconsin opposite Affliction for copyright transgression according to Milwaukee business news opening BizTimes. It began with a stop and terminate minute sent from Harley on Oct. 18 alleging that Affliction is offered 20 products temperament a defense heading that infringed on Harley’s trademark. Affliction’s response was finale sales of 6 of a 20 products named in a complaint.

Since 14 of these products are still on sale, Harley is holding serve action. “We make each bid to safeguard consumers are not confused by a source of sell temperament a trademarks,” pronounced Pflughoeft. “By altering and reproducing a Harley-Davidson heading for use on clothing, we trust Affliction has disregarded a trademark, and this defilement could means difficulty among business that Affliction is somehow dependent with or permitted by Harley-Davidson.”

In other words, it’s a large problem for Harley since by allegedly regulating a brand’s (highly recognizable) logo, it’s like Affliction is holding income out of Harley’s pocket. “By actively safeguarding a trademarks and patents, we also strengthen a dealers, licensees, shareholders and other stakeholders who are invested in a brand,” pronounced Pflughoeft.

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