Harley-Davidson debuts the initial electric motorcycle, entrance 2019

After toying with a thought for a improved partial of 4 years, Harley-Davidson this week showed off a initial electric motorcycle during a Milan Motorcycle Show. The electric bike drops in 2019, though a association is holding behind on to all a critical specs about speed, range, and charging for now.

The bike will lift a same “LiveWire” name used when it was still a prototype, though it differently looks like a many some-more finish pattern and, frankly, a lovely new prophesy for what a Harley-Davidson motorcycle should demeanour like in 2019. The association could use some help, too. While a motorcycle attention as a whole has struggled given a 2008 financial crisis, Harley-Davidson in sold has suffered a series of waste and layoffs. It has also turn one of President Trump’s many manifest targets during his administration’s trade war.

The original LiveWire prototype could get from 0–60mph in underneath 4 seconds, and had a operation of about 55 miles in “economy” mode. Both of those numbers should burst with a prolongation chronicle — a range, especially, as some electric bikes from companies like Zero Motorcycles simply obscure 100 miles these days. Whether Harley-Davidson’s initial electric motorcycle matches numbers like that could play a vital cause in a bike’s success. The association has flirted with a thought of going electric for a while now — including investing in a apparently now-defunct startup Alta Motors — and could clearly use a boost.

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