GT-R destiny for Nissan on track

Nissan’s preference to exit a Virgin Australia Supercar Championship (VASC) could have a china backing – for a Australian GT Championship.

Nissan Australia boss, Stephen Lester, currently announced a brand’s exit from a internal premier array effective during a finish of this season. Although a Kelly Racing organization will expected run a existent Altima racers in a VASC in 2019, it will be though Nissan support.

That doesn’t meant Nissan Australia is set to spin a behind totally on Australian motorsport, however.

Nissan trainer Lester told this morning that a association was still penetrating to have a motorsport appearance Down Under.

“Supercars is a superb internal array though it is not a usually array in a country,” Lester stated.

“Motorsport has always been a partial of a story and DNA of a Nissan code and we will perform and demeanour during other commercially viable [motorsport] opportunities.”

Although Nissan Australia already have dual low-hour GT-R GT3 racers already in a country, Lester pronounced a association had nonetheless to formalise skeleton to enter a Australian GT Championship.

“We will make a preference on how we are going to utilize those vehicles really shortly,” he said.

“There’s zero to announce usually yet. Globally GT3 is partner-based and we would have to have a demeanour during how that [an entrance into internal GT championship] would play out,” Lester told

“It takes dual to tango. We are not actively looking for a partner. Next step is to precedence a network – there are substantially people [we could work with],” he said.

Despite usually medium on-track opening (two wins in 6 season), Lester pronounced a Supercars partnership with Kelly Racing had been “tremendously successful”.

“We perspective a partnership internally as being successful. It’s tough to assume how that [more wins] would have altered a preference [to exit Supercars],” he stated.

In a face of conjecture to a discordant (some of it seeded with a Supercars paddock), Lester pronounced during no time had Nissan participated in any module to weigh a GT-R for Supercar use.

“It was never a indicate we were interesting on a list from a side. we don’t see a fixing of GT-R with a Supercar,” he stated.

On a intensity appearance in internal GT competition, Lester conceded a time was ticking.

“We’ve got people within a organization looking during a opportunities around that…

“Fortunately, we have those integrate of [GT-R GT3 race] cars. It’s not a doubt of being that distant off, it’s usually a matter of carrying a right format and set adult to be means to do it,” Lester stated.

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