Good Samaritans Pull 84-Year-Old SC Woman from Burning Car

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — Thursday, an 84- year-old woman was on her approach to applaud her 59th marriage anniversary when her automobile took a spin for a worst. 

Jean Plowden was in Rock Hill roving down I-77 Southbound when she clipped a automobile that was stranded on a side of a road.

“She spun around 4 lanes of I-77,” pronounced Amy McDaniel, Plowden’s daughter. “It was a petrify North and Southbound widespread that indeed stopped my mother’s car.” 

Plowden’s automobile became engulfed in flames. Gasoline surrounded her Chevrolet Traverse as trade came to a hindrance with drivers examination in fear. As a abandon continued to grow, a Plowden was inside of a automobile incompetent to move. 

Watching in disbelief, several drivers jumped into movement and attempted to save a 84-year-old woman. 

“The lady was slumped over a steering circle not moving, pronounced Vlastimil Smetka. “I thought she competence be dead.”

Luckily, Plowden was still respirating though if there was anyone that could assistance her it would be Smetka. 

“I’ve been a alloy for 11 years,” Smetka said.

Dr. Smetka works during Providence Health Hospital in Columbia, S.C., and didn’t consider twice about perplexing to assistance Plowden.

“I told her we would be pulling her out of a automobile that it was on glow and she looked during me and pronounced greatfully do,” Dr. Smetka said.

“There was another child there he was substantially about 20 years old,” Dr. Smetka said.

That kid, or immature male father, was Chris Boatwright.
“It was instinct,” pronounced Boatwright .

While he doesn’t have MD in front of his name, a University of South Carolina junior, lifeguard and Eagle Scout has always dedicated his life to assisting people. 

“As a alloy was pulling her out of that automobile we beheld she was removing stranded on a seatbelt,” Boatwright said. “I grabbed a pouch knife and cut a bottom of a seatbelt and only mins after that automobile went adult in flames.”

As Plowden was carried divided in an ambulance, her family was vacant during how dual strangers came to her aid. 

That’s when McDaniel,  who lives in Jacksonville, Florida posted a story on Facebook. 

“It wasn’t until it strike me that my mom could have died,” she said. “I did an tangible post on Facebook and pronounced acid for heroes and we posted a picture.”

Three days and some-more than 1,000 shares later, she connected with a people who she now calls angels on Earth. 

“My mom would not be alive today, they are loyal heroes, ” she said. 

Once Plowden is entirely recovered, her family skeleton to reunite her with a people who saved her life. 

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