Getting Muddy in a Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 with a Woman Who Brought It to Life

Back in April, Ford announced it was radically giving adult on all in a lineup that wasn’t a lorry or SUV. Amurica, am we right? General Motors might still be sticking with sedans, though it’s massively invested in a lorry marketplace as well. Just 4 years ago, GM started rolling out a rested charity in a shred that had been all though deserted in a states—the midsize pickup truck—in a form of a Chevrolet Colorado. Not prolonged after (in indication year 2017), business gained a choice of a high-performance, off-road ZR2 trim level. Think “Honey, we Shrunk a Ford Raptor”. 

I got a possibility to spend an afternoon in a able small ZR2 beasts, on a murky trails during Monticello Motor Club, with a lady obliged for creation them what they are. Anita Burke, GM Vehicle Chief Engineer, is obliged for all (read: global) midsize trucks during General Motors. And after roughing adult a ZR2 myself, we hitched a float with her, dynamic to hear all a nerdy integrity that went into formulating these pickups. 

As you’ll see in a video above, Burke isn’t indispensably what you’d suppose a lorry operative to be. She’s most shorter than a normal lorry customer, and hell, women aren’t a categorical business in general. But she’s been building trucks during GM for 26 years and now leads a engineering growth of trucks sole in over 90 countries. Her honesty about how we indeed operative your lineup to your patron bases all over a universe is fascinating.

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