Genesis Mint Concept is a tiny EV that’s ideal for New York

The normal picture of oppulance tends to be vast sedans and SUVs — showy statements of resources and prosperity. But Genesis thinks there’s a large eventuality for a scrupulously lush product in a most smaller package, and that’s accurately where a Mint judgment comes in.

“Mint belongs in a city,” Manfred Fitzgerald, tellurian conduct of a Genesis brand, pronounced in a statement. The Korean automaker believes some-more and some-more people will pierce to city centers in a entrance years, and there will be a need for pint-size reward cars. “There’s a white mark on a map,” Fitzgerald told Roadshow during a New York Auto Show preview eventuality this week.

Indeed, a Mint is a tiny little thing — it looks to be about a length of a Mazda MX-5 Miata. Those 21-inch wheels are roughly laughable by contrast, pushed approach out to a car’s corners. But perspective a judgment from a dead-on front or behind views, and you’ll notice a width, offer accentuated by a LED lights that camber a length of a front and behind fascias.

The coolest partial of a Mint competence be a behind doors — that aren’t unequivocally even doors during all. Rather than a required hatchback with a trunk, dual tiny hatches flip adult and back, permitting we to entrance a load reason from a sides of a vehicle. The low, far-reaching loan-in orifice offers surprisingly good entrance to a space behind a front seats. It’s easy to suppose this automobile together parked on a bustling street, and usually flipping a side induce open so we can toss your effects inside.

It competence be quite unpractical for now, though it’s not tough to suppose something like on a road. “I don’t trust in a judgment being too ‘la-la-land,'” SangYup Lee, conduct of Genesis’ primogenitor association Hyundai’s tellurian settlement center, told Roadshow.

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The rear-hinged side hatches yield entrance to a load area.


The Mint’s powertrain isn’t some fantastic thing, either. It’s a concept, of course, so this is all hypothetical. But in theory, a Mint uses an all-electric powertrain with a operation of about 200 miles, with a ability to use 350-kilowatt quick charging. Genesis imagines this automobile would have during slightest Level 3 partially unconstrained capabilities, as well.

Fitzgerald says it would send “the wrong message” to do a Mint judgment with a inner explosion powertrain, and Genesis believes this automobile is improved served as an EV. As for a range, Fitzgerald says Genesis “would like to have a stretchable concept” — if it comes to production, mixed ranges could be offered. “If this is a city car, we don’t need a lot of range,” he says.

You don’t need a crazy interior, either. Open a front doors, and a Mint reveals a unequivocally uncomplicated cabin: one dais with seating for two, and an armrest in a middle, with a one-piece dashboard that’s giveaway of any clutter. In fact, when we open a door, a dais chair turns toward you, and a lurch moves divided — not usually does this assistance with accession and egress, it’s unequivocally inviting.

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The dais chair swivels toward we as we open a driver’s door.


The car’s executive infotainment shade is tiny and housed inside a steering wheel. Small stacks of buttons side a wheel, charity shortcuts to ordinarily used features. At a finish of a armrest, you’ll find a globe that rotates and lights adult when a automobile is on, and it’s how we put a automobile into park, reverse, neutral and drive. Similar spheres are found on a doors, that offer as a electronic thatch and window switches.

The categorical interior thesis is Genesis’ “G-Matrix” pattern. It’s designed into a building liner, and a identical settlement is used on a load cover behind a seats. We initial saw this settlement on a Genesis Essentia coupe concept from final year’s New York show, and we’re told it’s something that will come to a company’s prolongation cars soon. “You will see a lot of adventurous statements from Genesis in a future,” SangYup Lee told us.

But will we see a prolongation chronicle of a Mint? That, of course, is adult in a air. “We unequivocally wish to see this in a unequivocally nearby future,” Fitzgerald pronounced — it competence even be some-more viable than a road-going chronicle of a Essentia.

This is one tiny automobile that creates a large statement.

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The concept’s suppositious electric powertrain is pronounced to offer 200 miles of range.


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