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The 2017 indication year brought us many things and one of a many earnest was a presentation of Genesis, Hyundai’s new oppulance brand. As a South Korean automobile builder moves into a reward shred with dual models, a G80 Sport and G90, many are intrigued by what a fledgling code could move to such an astute, and established, shred of a market.

Task At Hand

Seeking to contest with a likes of Acura, Cadillac, Infiniti, and eventually Mercedes Benz, a Hyundai code branches out to settle their oppulance division. For those who know their history, Hyundai is following in a footsteps of Honda, Toyota and Nissan, who started with careful vehicles and combined oppulance groups after substantiating their marketplace and production footprint in a U.S.

I recently tested a 2018 Genesis G80 Sport and formed on my prior knowledge in a flagship G90, it was an engaging week of removing to weigh Hyundai’s take on luxury.

Exterior Elegance

The extraneous character of a G80’s (and incomparable G90) is a transparent curtsy to Audi adult front and BMW in a rear. As a fan of both treatments, it’s not a bad place to start when we are perplexing to get courtesy and respect.

In between those borrowed front and behind ends there’s a issuing roofline and irritable buffer treatments with some cooper coloured trim pieces. There’s was small doubt that my G80 Sport tester was utterly able of removing all a right looks from all a right people. This is not a sedan stumbling by a exam duration of design, a G80 Sport, with a low stance, complicated step tires and worldly rims, delivers a oppulance feel with a able jaunty stance.


The new G80 Sport is not simply sporty in name, though offers a absolute customary 3.3-liter V6 with a 5.0L V8 as an discretionary upgrade. Both engines are corresponding to an 8-speed involuntary delivery with paddle shifters. Fuel economy is customary for category with a 17 city and 24 highway rating.

Getting a Genesis sedans out on a cement is substantially a usually approach to unequivocally get a grasp of only how good these vehicles perform. The G80 Sport, with a new twin-turbo V6, delivers large acceleration smiles. The 420-horsepower V8 in a G90 handles a incomparable mass easily.

Creature Comforts

Whenever we demeanour during a competing mid-size models in a class, we are articulate about conduct and legroom initial and foremost. The interior of a G80 is not as ample as some of a others in a room. Half a sedans in this category are substantially seating 4 adults and not five, and a G80 is many gentle with four.

From a cabin preference standpoint, all is in tighten vicinity with lots of storage and a wireless phone charging pad. Genesis doesn’t reason behind pity a really high-level of customary apparatus with both cars. My G80 Sport tester had organisation leather seating, a outrageous breathtaking sunroof in a microfiber suede headliner, full-color heads adult arrangement on an hulk 9.2-inch touchscreen for a infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity and streaming, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Lexicon 17-speaker audio system, power/heated front seats, hands-free case access, energy sunshades and keyless ignition.

Storage Space

One obstacle to a Genesis interior pattern is a inability to assistance with interior ability for storage or case entrance with no split-folding behind seats. There is a smallish 15.3 cubic feet case space, that will plea even a many artistic golfer.

At a finish of a day, a doubt was: Can Genesis make it in a high-class oppulance segment? My answer is ‘yes’ – over time. Like those other Japanese brands, who solemnly warranted their luxury-level stripes over a decade of trials, Hyundai will figure it out. With bottom prices for a G80 Sport during $55,250 and $70k for a G90, they already have a lot of people’s attention.

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