Genesis G80 and G90 Cars Could Lose Windshields and Windows

Hyundai recalls 37 Genesis Motors G80 and G90 cars built with a improper windshield primer.

May 31, 2018 —
Hyundai is recalling 37 indication year 2018 Genesis G80 and Genesis G90 cars with back windows and windshields that can fly divided from a cars.

Genesis Motors was combined in 2015 as a multiplication of Hyundai, with skeleton to have 6 models on a roads by 2020.

It didn’t take prolonged to sequence a 2018 Genesis G80 and G90 remember after it was dynamic a wrong authority was used to bond a potion to a cars.

Hyundai is endangered a improper authority could remove strength over time and means a back windows and windshields to detach.

The 2018 Genesis G80 and G90 remember should start Jun 30, 2018, when dealers will start replacing a front windshields and back windows.

Affected Genesis owners might call a automaker during 855-371-9460 and impute to remember series 177.

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