Fuel-Cell Powered Honda Clarity Arrives during California Dealerships

Fuel-Cell Powered Honda Clarity Arrives during California Dealerships

The 2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell arrived during name Honda dealerships today. The new Honda Clarity array was selected as Green Car Journals 2018 Green Car of a Year and Edmunds Most Innovative Car in a 2018 CES Tech Driven Awards.

The Clarity represents a subsequent era of Honda vehicles, as a association advances toward a aim to grow electrified automobile sales to two-thirds of tellurian sales by 2030.

In a fuel-cell Clarity, a hydrogen fuel dungeon translates hydrogen to electricity to assign a batteries that afterwards powers a car’s electric motor. The hydrogen fuel dungeon chronicle of a Clarity offers an EPA 366 miles of operation per tank of hydrogen—with 0 emissions.

“Customers meddlesome in being partial of a electrified destiny have a good choice with a Honda Clarity Fuel Cell,” pronounced Steven Center, clamp boss of Connected and Environmental Business Development during American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Hondas proceed is to emanate electrified vehicles that people wish to expostulate – with appealing styling, a reward and atmospheric cabin, and an enchanting pushing performance.”

While a Clarity electric and plug-in hybrid versions are accessible nationwide, a fuel dungeon choice is usually accessible to drivers in California and Oregon, and as partial of a $369-per-month franchise understanding it includes several singular benefits, including adult to $15,000 of hydrogen fuel for a 3 year franchise term, and adult to 21 days of nominal Avis oppulance automobile rentals for those longer trips to areas where hydrogen stuffing stations are not as prevalent.


The franchise terms embody an appealing mileage stipend of 20,000 miles per year, scarcely double than normal mile allowances for a leased vehicle. Automakers typically offer 10,000 or 12,000 yearly mileage allowances for leased vehicles.

The Clarity franchise also includes 24/7 roadside assistance, and eligibility for California’s Clean Air Vehicle Stickers, permitting singular passenger HOV access.

The Clarity Fuel Cell has a top EPA pushing operation rating of any zero-emission light-duty automobile in America, including fuel dungeon and battery electric vehicles, with a 366-mile operation rating and fuel economy rating of 68 total MPGe (miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent). Refueling a Clarity takes approximately 3 to 5 mins regulating 70 MPa hydrogen refueling stations.

According to a California Energy Commission, hydrogen fuel prices operation from $12.85 to some-more than $16 per kilogram (kg), though a many common cost is $13.99 per kg (equivalent on a cost per appetite basement to $5.60 per gallon of gasoline), that translates to an handling cost of $0.21 per mile. Honda is including 3 years of hydrogen fuel with their initial sales and franchise offerings, that will defense early marketplace adopters from this primarily high fuel price. Fuel cells are 2-3 times some-more fit than explosion engines, so a Clarity uses about a third reduction fuel than inner explosion engine vehicle, offsetting a aloft cost of hydrogen.

Retail leasing of a Clarity Fuel Cell is accessible by a network of 12 authorized Honda dealerships in name California markets, including 6 dealerships in theLos Angeles area and 5 in a San Francisco Bay Area, and one in a Sacramento area. Honda will continue to deposit in a fuel dungeon automobile play network as a network of open hydrogen fueling stations expands.


California is heading a republic by appropriation a bid to build sell hydrogen fueling stations around a California Fuel-Cell Partnership, a public-private partnership to foster hydrogen vehicles in California. The concentration has been to supplement hydrogen fuel during existent gasoline stations covering regions in northern California nearby San Francisco and Los Angeles, with additional connector and end stations.

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