Former NKY mayor indicted on charges associated to purported theft

BROMLEY, KY — A Kenton County Grand Jury has indicted former Bromley, KY mayor Donald Lee Jobe on several charges associated to his purported burglary of city funds.

Jobe, inaugurated mayor of Bromley in 2014, is charged with abuse of open trust, tampering with earthy evidence, 4 depends of tampering with open records, burglary by deception, burglary by disaster to make compulsory disposition, and fake use of a credit card.

Between Dec. 6, 2015 and Feb. 7, 2017, Bromley allegedly siphoned $8,485.88 from open supports for his possess personal use. Over a camber of his reign as mayor, he allegedly done many purchases for that he was reimbursed by a city, and several charges to a city’s credit card.

Kenton County Police executed hunt warrants on a Bromley City Building and Jobe’s personal chateau in Feb. 2017, and Jobe subsequently quiescent as mayor in Aug. 2017. He continued to offer as a glow arch for Bromley until he was arrested in Oct. 2018.

“Our village deserves supervision we can trust no matter a distance of a city,” pronounced Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders. “No volume of compensation can compensate for a erosion of a public’s faith in a government.”

The charges opposite Jobe could lift sentences of anywhere from 13 to 20 years: a assign of abuse of open trust is a Class C transgression punishable by 5 to 10 years, and any other assign opposite him can lift one to 5 years in prison, though Kentucky law caps a limit punishment for Class C and D felonies during 20 years, no matter how many depends they face.

Jobe allegedly purchased mechanism tools he claimed were for a new mechanism for a City of Bromley. He submitted a receipt for remuneration to a balance of $1,200 — though a city of Bromley never perceived a new computer. Under scrutiny, a mechanism tools purchased incited out to be “high-end opening parts” that would never have been required for a supervision computer, according to warrants. However, during a execution of hunt warrants, military did seize a gaming PC from Jobe’s residence. Police compared sequence numbers from some of a tools claimed for reimbursement, and did find they matched tools inside Jobe’s computer.

He also allegedly employed supports for automobile repairs for his 2002 Honda Odyssey, creatively claiming a automobile tools he bought were for a City of Bromley’s New Holland TC30 tractor. However, a tools he purchased were shown to be exclusive with a city’s tractor, as it requires Ford tools and Jobe had purchased Honda parts. He allegedly certified to military that these tools were purchased for his personal vehicle, though claimed a profits for remuneration had been submitted by mistake.

Warrants contend between Jun and Nov. 2016, Jobe was allegedly “confronted by another inaugurated central for approximately $1,200 in questionable purchases on a city’s credit label during a series of opposite retailers,” pronounced detain aver documents. After this confrontation, Jobe “made an unsolicited $1,500 remuneration on a city’s credit label account, afterwards asked a other central if they were ‘good now’.”

He also allegedly used thousands of dollars to allow improvements to his possess home, such as a new wrap-around porch and updated electrical work inside. Jobe allegedly charged around $1,588 on a city’s Home Depot credit card, claiming a materials were for city-owned homes that were to be boarded up.

In Nov. 2016, Jobe allegedly educated a city clerk to write him a check valuing $3,286 for “petty cash.” Warrant papers contend a clerk felt a allege of supports did not “feel right”, though complied since Jobe told her a auditor had authorized a transaction.

During a execution of a hunt aver during a Bromley city building, investigators detected city annals from July, August, September, and Oct of 2016 were missing.

The papers were after detected by investigators and city officials helping in a hunt “in a rabble bag found behind other equipment on a bottom shelf of a protected kept in a Mayor’s office,” pronounced aver documents. The annals detected contained profits documenting Jobe’s use of a city credit card.

According to a press recover from Sanders’ office, a profession who formerly represented Jobe has filed a suit seeking a justice to recover him from his representation.

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