Ford and VW Stoke a Pickup Fires during Brazil Auto Show

Ford and VW Stoke a Pickup Fires during Brazil Auto Show

As if we indispensable a reminder, pickup trucks are not only renouned in a U.S., though in many other markets around a world. Case in point: The pickups suggested during Brazil’s 2018 Sao Paulo International Motor Show that runs by Nov. 18.

We recently reported that Volkswagen was going to exhibit a new urban-based pickup lorry during a Brazil automobile uncover and we common an artist delivery of it. So, what did VW show? The new Tarok Concept. In many ways, a VW Tarok Concept is another chronicle of a pickup built for people who don’t wish to expostulate or possess a genuine pickup truck. Previous examples embody a Subaru Brat and Toyota A-BAT hybrid concept; some competence disagree that a stream Honda Ridgeline falls into this category.

This is not a new idea, though that doesn’t meant opposite manufacturers won’t keep perplexing to moment this nut. Shouldn’t there be a pickup for hip and childish buyers who need a additional storage and light-duty load capacity? Up to now, a answer has been a resounding no. But who knows? Among some of a some-more engaging sum in a Tarok is a pass-through mid-gate, all-wheel expostulate and flex-fuel 1.4-liter engine.

At a other finish of a Sao Paulo Expo Exhibition Center, a association with a small some-more knowledge producing pickup trucks — Ford — showed off a Ranger Storm concept. As we can see, many of a same Ranger Raptor facilities we’ve seen before are during work here. However, where VW put a name of a lorry in a bumper, Ford has a long-established settlement of putting a name right in a grille, where it belongs. Although we don’t have as many images of a Storm (believe it or not, we motionless not to send anyone to Brazil to cover this show), we do get a flattering good thought of what this lorry is about.

Neither car is slated to make it to a U.S., though both companies are in discussions about how to improved supply their buyers with a right products by a partnership. Whether that means a Ford on a VW height or VW with Ranger underpinnings, we’ll have to wait and see.

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