For $3950, This 1991 Honda Civic Shuttle Could Be Your Answer To “When Did You Last See a Civic Shuttle?”

Look, adult on a page! It’s a wagon, it’s a minivan, it’s… it’s… today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Honda Civic! Let’s see if this singular Shuttle comes with a cost that we competence only cruise to be super-duper.

If we give a moose a muffin… No wait, that’s not right. Maybe it’s if we give a Jalop an choice to buy a boxy aged Volvo automobile that needs some lovin’ and that only so happens to have a musty engine, a hang shift, and a cost though too many numbers in it, and they competence only give it a pass. Or, like yesterday’s 1984 Euro Volvo 240 DL with a VW 24dt, they competence only give it a 65% Crack Pipe vote. Really it could have left both ways.

You know, I’ve review that a reason people like baby things—puppies, kittens, and even tellurian babies—is due to a slant many of us have for a jagged vast conduct to small physique ratio. Maybe that’s because we like cartoons so many as well. With it’s ridiculously high roof, today’s 1991 Honda Civic Shuttle (wagon here in a U.S.) looks all kinds of disproportionate, though in a semi-comical and, we would expect, appreciative way.


The fourth-generation Civic spawned a Shuttle only as a third had birthed a predecessor, a infrequently named Wagovan. I’m blissful they altered that damn indication name as my autocorrect hates it with a purple passion. Shuttle however, good it’s only fine.

These cars, along with Toyota’s Tercel Wagon were crossovers before there were crossovers, and were dictated to contest with Subaru’s AWD wagonsin a hotly contested small 4×4 market. They were done available, and this one is so equipped, with Honda’s Real Time on-demand AWD. They also came with a stump-puller initial rigging in a six-cog box when we went stick. The AWD editions were also jacked adult slightly, that only combined to a already farfetched roof height.


Why would we wish a automobile with such a high greenhouse? Who knows, maybe you’re a Lincoln cosplayer and don’t wish to take off your stovepipe hat. Or, maybe we live in a large hair state.

The thing of it is, that’s not a doubt many people generally anticipate these days, as when was a final time we indeed saw one of these and it wasn’t all goofed out slug-low on a cement with some arrange of YO VTEC douche behind a wheel? And no offense dictated to YO VTEC douches. Seriously, we adore we guys.

Here we have one that’s a small smashed and bruised, though clearly all there and in flattering batch form. The dented paint still carries what seems to be a bureau paint and a steel wheels mount unapproachable and white in a circle wells. A roof shelve adult tip adds to a load ability and it even has it’s strange D16A6 underneath a hood.

That 1.6-litre 4 was common with a contemporary Civic Si and pumped out 108-bhp and 100 lb-ft of torque when it left a factory. As noted, that’s corroborated adult by a six-speed hang and a automobile sends energy to all 4 wheels when it feels a front ones trip shifting away.


The ad claims that a automobile “runs and drives great” and that it is good for 30 MPG. It comes with a new muffler, brakes, a driveshaft, and tires and battery, and seems rust-free notwithstanding a dents and dings.

Being a ’91 we do have to quarrel rodent belts to benefit entry, though once inside you’ll note an interior that seems to have hold adult well, and that hasn’t succumbed to gross stereo-iffication, as it rocks a factory-spec’d conduct section and speakers.

This is a singular car, and a condition creates it a singular instance of that singular car. Sure, a body’s seen improved times, though that’s not something that isn’t repairable, and it also isn’t something that would impact a drivability if we pronounced eff-it and enjoyed it dents and all.

To do that you’ll need to come adult with a car’s asking, that is $3,950. What’s your take on that volume for this Civic? Does that seem like a understanding for a Shuttle with so many space? Or, is this Honda’s cost a goal abort?

You decide!

Chicago Craigslist, or go here if a ad disappears.

H/T to TeXWD for a hookup!

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