Flying cars: Is this finally a destiny of transport or only a bucket of prohibited air?

There’s a word mostly listened in Silicon Valley that orderly sums adult a vital critique of a record industry.

First penned by a financier Peter Thiel in 2011, a difference “we wanted drifting cars, instead we got 140 characters,” are mostly quoted by those who plaint that a world’s brightest minds are focused not on a vital hurdles of a age, though by extraneous amicable media apps.

Thiel was an early financier in Facebook so his appropriate during amicable media rings a small hollow. But a feeling that a destiny has let us down does not. The drifting automobile we were betrothed never happened.

Until, perhaps, now. Last week, in a somewhat-ironic vicinity of Union railway hire in Dallas, Uber’s arch product officer Jeff Holden laid out a striking prophesy for a future, in that grouping a outing in a drifting automobile is as easy as hailing a taxi.

“Flying cars have been betrothed for decades though are happening…

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