Five Things To Know About The Drop Dead Gorgeous Aston Martin …

It’s unfit to demeanour during a 2019 Aston Martin DB11 Volante though saying, “Wow.” we know this since I’ve tested a car’s outcome on people and each singular one of them pronounced that. But over a pleasing looks from a outside, here are 5 things that we competence not know about it.

Sadly, it does not have ejector seats (perfect for a convertible), motion-tracking appurtenance guns or active camo. we achieved an downright hunt for these facilities and came adult with nothing.

1. It Has A Front-Mid Engine Layout

Front-mid engine layouts are a genuine thing, notwithstanding what some of a fools we work with would have we think. Like my co-worker Jason Torchinsky, we trust that there are 4 categorical engine positions: front, front-mid, rear-mid and rear. Like in a BMW M3, a Aston Martin DB11, a Audi R8 and a Porsche 911, respectively.

2. It Has A German Heart

Back in 2013, Aston Martin and Mercedes-AMG struck adult a partnership. The nitty dirty sum of it were that Mercedes-AMG would get a 5 percent equity interest in Aston Martin, along with a non-voting “observational” standing on a government board. Aston Martin, in return, would get AMG engines and Mercedes electrics and electronic components.


The outcome of that partnership can be seen in a V8 chronicle of a DB11, that uses a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 from Mercedes-AMG. Internally, that engine is called a M177 and it can be found in a Mercedes-AMG C63/S, E63/S, S63 and GLC63/S.

The twin-turbo V12 found in other versions of a DB11 isn’t offering in a Volante. If we wish a automobile DB11, we can usually get it with a V8.

3. The Steering Feels Great

Despite carrying electronically assisted energy steering, that many people hate, a DB11 indeed felt unequivocally light and manageable on a feet. It’s a vast and far-reaching car, though a steering helped it feel trim and tight, even on swarming streets. It wasn’t too complicated and it wasn’t feather-light either. It was calibrated really well.


4. You Can Get It With A Sweet Umbrella

For people who buy inexpensive umbrellas from CVS and never consider about it again (people like me), a discretionary powerful that came with a Aston was truly something else.

Double-ribbed and opening with a silky well-spoken action, it had “Aston Martin” and “Made In England” embossed on a brushed aluminum hoop and felt like it could continue only about a misfortune storms in life.


Oh, and it cost $295.

5. It Sounds Goddamn Fantastic

The Aston came with a $8,330 Bang Olufsen sound system, though because would we listen to that when we have a thick V8 to enjoy? Aston has said in a past that it tuned a AMG V8 to give it a some-more “Aston” sound.


Having gifted that engine in both an AMG and an Aston, we am indeed means to tell a difference. The Aston sounds reduction thick than a AMGs.

So those are 5 things we competence not have famous about a DB11 Volante. It was a unhappy day indeed when a swift male came behind to retrieve it.

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