First Drive: New Volvo XC60 SUV is fun to drive

Swedish oppulance automobile code Volvo’s new XC60 is a mid-size oppulance SUV that does roughly all right.

But reserve is initial for Volvo and a code is famous for that a universe over.

After pushing a four-wheel expostulate XC60 extensively on highways, now we can tell because this automobile has been a largest offered indication with scarcely a million units sole globally as good as in India.

In fact, it creates adult roughly a third of Volvo’s sum sales in this rival oppulance automobile marketplace in a country, dominated by German code Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and British Jaguar Land Rover.

The new automobile is designed to yield a smashing pushing knowledge with a extended technology, lush comfort and clever surety and protecting reserve features.

While pushing a XC60 on a highway a automobile immediately braked automatically with sound to even warning me when it came tighten to a speeding car. It also braked while flitting by a thick tree shadows on a highway during noon, that it mistook for an barrier by a ghats by a Sahyadri jungle in Maharashtra and Karnataka borders. That is reserve for you.

The other worthy and a many important reserve facilities and assistance systems are front, side and screen airbags, collision slackening support during a front and rear, puncture steering assist, and line gripping assist.

The second era XC60 is marginally incomparable than a indication it replaces yet it is not an commanding SUV. It is a city-friendly automobile to expostulate around with ease.

For a time being, a XC60 is accessible with a singular engine choice and in a singular fully-loaded version.

The new XC60 is powered by Volvo’s modular 2.0-litre diesel engine, notwithstanding in a aloft of a states of tune. In D5 form as on a XC60, a engine creates a plain 235hp and 480Nm of torque, giving this chronicle a heads-up over rivals in a class.

The engines comes corresponding to an 8-speed involuntary delivery that channels energy to all 4 wheels. This engine performs facilely and builds speed in a rather jaunty manner.

Interestingly, all via a rev range, there is always adequate torque on daub and a punch during midst revs generally is unequivocally strong. Undoubtedly, this engine is unequivocally well-spoken and sound levels inside a cabin are unequivocally low. Even when a engine is spun faster, it still does not remove a polished nature. The eight-speed gearbox is discerning to respond and shifts seamlessly. And there are paddle shifters to change gears manually too.

For a Indian market, a new XC60 comes with four-corner atmosphere cessation as standard, and a damping characteristics can be practiced too. The cessation raises and lowers itself formed on a pushing modes and a boyant trust too varies noticeably. The automobile offers Eco, Comfort, Off-road, Dynamic and Individual modes to knowledge a operation of pushing pleasures depending on a terrain.

Typically, like cars with air-suspension, a XC60 tends to boyant a bit over wavy roads, yet strike fullness is unequivocally impressive. Stability during speeds is glorious and it feels utterly flexible and fervent to change direction.

The steering is plume light yet it is easy many on all a pushing modes.

Although, we did not take a XC60 for correct off-roading adventure, a 223mm of belligerent clearway (with a cessation during full extension) and all-wheel expostulate promises to tackle amiable trails though any hassle.

Like a incomparable Volvo S90 sedan and Volvo XC90 SUV, a XC60 also is built on a Scalable Product Architecture – a modular height that allows Volvo’s engineers and designers to customize a measure of a automobile to fit several body-styles.

The stretch between a front spindle and a dashboard stays unvaried on all SPA cars yet and this works in a XC60’s foster by giving it proportions suitable for a reward crossover. Compared to a rarely successful predecessor, a new XC60 is 44mm longer, 11mm wider and 14mm shorter and a outcome is a crossover that has an jaunty position and looks unequivocally proportionate.

Inside, a XC60 bowls we over with a oppulance it offers, notwithstanding clever similarity to other Volvo cabins. The all-black dashboard finished in soft-touch plastics, full with unlacquered timber trimmings, looks artistic and a front seats that come draped in Nappa leather are magnificently comfortable.

Several pieces like a buttons and knobs are carried over from a XC90, so peculiarity levels are adult there with cars even aloft adult a cost ladder. Like a newer Volvos, a 9.0-inch centre touchscreen is your go-to control for many settings and it has been tweaked for improved usability.

In fact, Volvo has left all out with good equipment. Apart from small things like a floor-mounted accelerator pedal and automobile reason function, a XC60 comes with cooled/ exhilarated front seats that also get a massage duty (a shred first), head-up display, a shining Bowers and Wilkins sound system, a breathtaking sunroof and a steering-mounted paddleshifters.

The automobile also offers pushing aids like a 360-degree camera, semi-automatic parking, blind-spot support and line depart warning. Importantly, a XC60 is a latest Volvo to underline radar-based reserve aids like adaptive journey control that can automatically adjust speed depending on a speed of a automobile ahead.

The behind seats are also unequivocally comfortable, with plenty support for a reduce behind and thighs. There is good volume of legroom and adequate headroom too. Some buyers might be unhappy to note that there is no massage or cooling duty for a behind chair yet a seats can be exhilarated – useful in oppressive North Indian winters.

Should we buy one?

This new XC60 SUV is fun, oppulance and practical, carrying all a right ingredients. It is not usually smart-looking, beautifully turned-out on a inside yet it also comes installed with equipment.

The automobile scores good on comfort and is utterly pleasing to expostulate too. It strikes a good change between sportiness and comfort, and maybe this change will change a shopping decision. With a cost tab of Rs 59.90 lakh during pan-India showroom, a new XC60 could be a best gamble in a mid-size oppulance SUV shred in a Indian market.

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