First Drive: Audi’s new 2018 S5 is a tallness of haute couture in Coupeland

Let’s get one thing true about coupes. This sold automotive breed’s primary purpose is to simply demeanour great, to offer as a automotive homogeneous of a runway model. Drape opposite wardrobe on it – wheels, accentuating trim, accessories – and a bone, flesh and sculpture contingency always work.


Fundamentally, a luxury-sport coupe during a aloft finish of a marketplace is a apex assignment for any automobile designer. And on his retirement in late 2015, former Audi pattern chief, Walter de Silva settled that a strange 2008 Audi A5 coupe was a best, many pleasing automobile he’d ever designed, that includes mixed Alfa Romeos, several Lamborghinis, and Audis including blank-sheet judgment cars over a really prolonged career. Other judges, including a German Council of Design, determine with him.


The new 2018 Audi S5 coupe looks now informed in all a right ways.

(Jim Resnick)

But since is this important? It’s only a car, after all. To some, yes. But to others, to a thousands of automotive pattern students around a universe and also to a conform attention that is some-more solidly related to automotive pattern than maybe given a 1950s, this idea of rolling sculpture is critical.

Distinction yet diversion or drama


A decade or some-more from now, a new Audi S5 will still demeanour pleasing and terrific.

(Jim Resnick)

So, as Audi rejigs a zodiacally acclaimed A5 and S5 coupe for their second go-round, a daunting is real. Like following adult Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of a Moon” with something as meaningful, or following Boston’s self-titled initial manuscript with … anything.

Audi can't curve divided from a recipe that won so most praise, nonetheless it has to evolve. And it does. Launching as 2018 models to a US marketplace this spring, a second-generation A5 and S5 coupe models follow that well-worn trail laid down by de Silva behind in 2008.

Current Audi extraneous designer, Frank Lamberty, understands that story well.

“Our large charge during a commencement of this plan was to explain a A4/S4 sedan family from a A5/S5,” Lamberty told me. “We wanted to conclude a 3D sculpture. We looked to healthy elements, like how ice forms around heat and a elements, and how silt dunes are made by wind. But we also attempted to emanate a demeanour of pointing that hints during solid cutting, generally during a front end. [This car] works shadows and light some-more dramatically, too.”

Audi sticks tighten to a strange S5 pattern recipe


With no some-more than a glance, a S5 visually distances itself from a S4 sedan and establishes a position as a stylistic statement.

(Jim Resnick)

Several pivotal elements give a S5 coupe it’s distinctiveness. At a front, a lower-profile grille than a A4 looks some-more athletic. A energy design gush grows along a spine of a hood, imparting engine energy and speed. The rearmost roof post (the “C pillar”) is thicker and some-more bony than roughly each other line on a car, formulating juncture and visible strength during a car’s rear, while a aluminum brightwork surrounding a side windows prominence this utterly verbatim design frame.

But fundamentally, a widespread impression line that flows front to behind over a car’s shoulders creates a soothing wave, with a newcomer cell cocooned in a trough. Below that categorical impression line, a physique folds a bit underneath and afterwards behind out, formulating a cove. Through all this creasing and folding emerges a complicated classic, distant some-more same to a strange penned by de Silva than dissimilar, that is as it ought to be.

S5 goes old-school with a singular turbo and a torque converter


A singular turbocharger and a normal involuntary delivery might not sound exciting, yet in a Audi S5 they make pleasing song together.

(Jim Resnick)

While sharpness and sculpture were a orders on a S5’s surface, a engineers doing a courage of a automobile toiled divided on a engine and framework components. A new turbocharged (rather than supercharged) 3.0-liter V6 pours out 354 horsepower and 369 lb.-ft. of torque in tawny fashion, that represents a strike over a before supercharged engine’s stats by 21 horsepower and 44 lb.-ft. of twist

Where before turbocharged Audi V6 engines used twin-turbos outward possibly bank of empty ports, this new V6 exhales from a hollow of a V rather than during pier and starboard. This enables a use of a singular turbocharger also perched in a V, creation for a most easier designation plumbing-wise. The new engine also weighs reduction than a before one, lifting weight off a front axle.

Audi chose not to use a heading dual-clutch delivery in a S5, yet rather, a reprogrammed Tiptronic involuntary with a required old-school torque converter. Surprise of surprises, it works really well, rifling off discerning shifts when manhandled around change paddles, yet equally skilful when left to a possess devices. And being a required automatic, it manages composed in-town things smoothly.

In a S5, Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive complement sends a lion’s share of energy and torque to a behind wheels in a 40:60 split, so it behaves some-more like a rear-drive car, that is clearly what fan drivers want. The intelligent behind differential can also clarity a behind circle with no traction and fire all of a behind energy to a side with traction.

Couture with a kick


When installed with equipment, a Audi S5’s cost rises to scarcely $70,000, yet a peculiarity found within a cabin helps to clear a ask.

(Jim Resnick)

Driving a S5, a intensely unbending design is straightforwardly apparent, yet a cessation – even with a adaptive shocks of a discretionary sport-tuned setup – is a bit soothing and dull compared to a bedrock structure of a car.

In fact, a S5 feels softer and slower to conflict to steering submit while regulating a accurate same tractable Drive Select settings as a similar S4 sedan we tested. Which is odd, since these are probably automatic twins, spec-wise. It’s doubly odd, since removing a car’s structure really unbending is distant harder work than dialing rigidity into a suspension.

The S5 is a slingshot in a true line, though, reaching 60 mph in only 4.4 seconds. That takes a bit of work, yet it’s no cot potato statistic.

A able performer that’s pointy on a outward and comforting on a inside, my S5 exam car wore an as-tested plaque cost of $68,550, scarcely $13,000 aloft than a bottom price. Given such contribution and figures, cruise Audi’s new coupe an instance of automotive couture with a kick, yet never crass.

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