Fiat Spider Abarth puts additional fun into a classical roadster experience

The Fiat 124 Spider, shown here in a Abarth trim, was reintroduced final year and now earnings for 2018 with prices starting during $24,995 and trimming as high as $28,195 for a Abarth, and $995 freight.


The 2018 Fiat 124 Spider pays loyalty to a strange 124 Spider, introduced 50 years ago and regenerated for 2017, with classical Italian styling and performance.

The ultimate Italian roadster knowledge is a multiple of record and safety, along with pushing fad and iconic design. The stream 124 Spider reinterprets pattern cues from a original, one of Fiat’s many pleasing cars, with a low-slung profile, classically pleasing physique sides, offset proportions and sporty cabin-to-hood ratio.

Three models are accessible – a bare-bones Classica ($24,995); a more-comprehensively versed Lusso ($27,495); and, for opening enthusiasts, a assertive Abarth ($28,195) – a most-affordable turbo-powered automobile in America.

All models come customary with a MultiAir Turbo 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine with twin intercoolers and an atmosphere intake; a engine’s initial focus in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, producing best-in-class 160 horsepower in a Classica and Lusso, and 164 hp in a Abarth. A six-speed primer delivery or an discretionary six-speed involuntary sends energy to a behind wheels.

Options packages for a Lusso and Abarth have been updated for 2018, permitting business incomparable flexibility. One package – a Technology and SiriusXM Group ($1,295) – is accessible for a bottom Classica. Comfort and Convenience, Navigation and Sound, and Visibility Groups are accessible for Lusso and Abarth.

The all-new Red Top Edition is accessible for a Lusso, and red Brembo four-wheel front opening brakes are accessible for a prohibited Abarth.

Three new extraneous colors are accessible for 2018 – Puro Bianco Perla (Tri-Coat White Pearl, $595), Grigio Chiaro (Silver Metallic) and Blu Scuro (Dark Blue Metallic). Up to 8 extraneous colors are available, depending on a indication chosen.

My 124 Spider Abarth was Grigio Chiaro with red-stitched Nero Black leather and microfiber competition seats, propitious with a sox-speed AISIN involuntary transmission, roving on 17-inch Gun Metallic aluminum wheels with three-season opening tires.

The Brembo brakes ($1,495) peeked by a 5 V-shaped spokes. Gun Metal extraneous accents (rearview mirrors, headlight and DRL housings) combined sportiness, along with singular aggressive-looking front and behind fascia. Wide rectilinear LED taillights were easy to see.

Abarth shields punctuated a case lid and a core of a creased hood, with smaller representations in red on a circle heart covers. Abarth is an Italian racing- and road-car manufacturer founded by Carlo Abarth. The defense shows a black stylized scorpion on a yellow and red background. A hand-painted Heritage Racing Stripe is accessible for $1,995.

A performance-tuned cessation (specifically tuned for incomparable fortitude during braking and turning), limited-slip differential, and a pushing mode selector with Sport and Normal modes were standard. A sport-tuned empty with 4 dark-chrome tips combined a world-renowned Abarth sound.

The 2018 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth has a choice of 3 interiors, including a customary Nero Black leather/microfiber competition seats, Nero Black or Nero/Rosso (black/red) leather competition seats ($595), and Nero Black Recaro leather/Alcantara competition seats ($1,195).

Choosing a involuntary delivery combined $1,350, and enclosed a leather-wrapped change doorknob and steering circle paddle shifters. The AISIN supposing well-spoken full-throttle launches and discerning upshifts and downshifts, delivering a more-direct feel in response to acceleration.

A Visibility Group ($995) enclosed adaptive LED headlights (maintains a far-reaching margin of prophesy by adjusting a headlight position according to steering angle and car speed); involuntary headlight leveling (keeps beams focused on a highway by adjusting a headlight position according to car angle); LED daytime using lamps; and headlight washers.

Getting in was a challenge, as a sill was high and far-reaching and a roof (in a adult position, of march – it is December) was low. The interior of a 124 Spider is tiny – it is a roadster – and a seats are slight with bolstering that could be worried for incomparable passengers. There were a tiny armrest with a lonesome cubby and a storage mark for a phone divides a seats, and a glovebox cubby vast adequate for a tiny or medium-size purse and a few other things between a seatbacks.

Movable cupholders could be positioned on a front sides of a core console (near a knees) or a behind of a console (behind a elbows, in front of a glovebox – not really convenient). Speakers integrated into a headrests were a tiny tinny.

The customary audio complement was AM/FM/Bluetooth with Pandora, Aha, and Stitcher apps, a seven-inch display, and 4 speakers. Bluetooth was able of displaying incoming content and email messages. The complement did not, however, embody Android Auto or Apple CarPlay capability. The complement was nav-capable, nonetheless my 124 Spider didn’t have nav. Two USB ports meant that newcomer and motorist could any assign a device.

The exhilarated seats were set low, an suitable pushing position for a roadster, and had recline and fore-and-aft adjustments. As room for adjustments was limited, one could select to recline or move entirely abaft for prolonged legs, not both during once. Room for a newcomer was somewhat claustrophobic, with a low, thick windshield support and a far-reaching delivery hovel intruding on a passenger-side building space.

Visibility by a front was good and a rearview counterpart was above normal for a roadster, interjection to a low, tilted behind deck. Due to a far-reaching behind supports of a cloth roof, behind three-quarter prominence was exceedingly limited. A Comfort and Convenience Group ($1,495) brought Blind Spot and Cross-Path Detection to cover that area.

The package also had ParkSense Rear Park Assist, exhilarated extraneous mirrors, auto-dimming rearview mirror, concept garage doorway opener, and a confidence alarm. A customary ParkView Rear Backup Camera also helped when subsidy from a parking space.

Bumps and dips were felt, as approaching in a roadster, with smaller imperfections good absorbed. Irregular highway surfaces or seams caused a slight rocking outcome due to a brief wheelbase.

Also as approaching in a cloth-top convertible, some highway and breeze sound were noticeable, depending on highway conditions. My Abarth had an acoustic superstar to assistance catch some of that noise. The primer tip was unusually easy to use by releasing a hoop during a front corner and pulling.

Three interiors for a Abarth embody a customary Nero Black leather/microfiber competition seats, Nero Black or Nero/Rosso (black/red) leather competition seats ($595), and Nero Black Recaro leather/Alcantara competition seats ($1,195). My Abarth had a Gun Metal hurl bar cover and Matte Gray interior accents.

The 2018 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth is a tip indication in a classical roadster’s U.S.lineup.

Climate control knobs were elementary and easy to reach. Infotainment knobs were also close, clearly noted and easy to use. The competition instrument cluster had a vast tachometer in a center, flanked by a speedometer and gas and heat gauges.

Abarth’s case was small, as expected, though low to a belligerent for an easy liftover. we managed to things lots of groceries and cat reserve in, nonetheless luggage for a prolonged highway outing would not be probable – or comfortable.

A customary Enhanced Accident Response System will cut off fuel to a engine, peep jeopardy lights as prolonged as a battery has energy or a ignition pivotal is incited off, spin on a interior lights (the same as a jeopardy lights), and clear a doors.

The petite 124 Spider Abarth was fun to drive, and could conduct zero-60 mph in 6.6 seconds. Once adult to highway speed, overtaking was discerning and easy.

Handling was nimble, even darty during highway speeds, with minimal physique hurl in turns. Braking was organisation and straight.

My Abarth was EPA rated for 25 mpg city/36 highway, and we managed 32.4 mpg pushing mostly on a highway.

With $5,335 in options and $995 in end charges, my 124 Spider Abarth delivered for $34,525.

As a bonus, Fiat offers a Abarth Track Experience about 4 times a month.

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