Fiat Quietly Stops Selling 124 Spider in United Kingdom

The Fiat 124 Spider is a Mazda MX-5’s badge sibling. Sharing a height and matching interiors, a Fiat differentiates itself with a possess engine and extraneous styling. If Autocar‘s emissions speculation is correct, we couldn’t assistance though consternation if a problem couldn’t be solved by shoving Mazda’s new, improved, and very good 181-horsepower engine from a 2019 MX-5 underneath a hood of a Fiat. 

Anyhow, a 124 Spider done 138 horsepower from a small 1.4-liter, a figure that gets bumped to 164 here in North America. The some-more rough Abarth chronicle gets 168 horsepower, Abarth badging, a louder exhaust, and an discretionary black hood. 

Here in a U.S., a bottom indication starts during $24,995.

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