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The best offered Fiat in a brand’s array one marketplace has a origins in a 178 plan from a 1990s

Such has been a decline during home, Italy is no longer a array one marketplace for a Fiat brand. A 20% slip to 323,342 vehicles sole to Italian buyers in 2018 compares to a 13.2% benefit in Brazil to 325,726. Is FCA concerned? Not during all. The association seems happy to observe a designed slip for Fiat worldwide as it instead pushes higher-priced Jeep models.

Volkswagen, that has crept adult to a stream array dual standing in a Italian marketplace (162,775 in 2018: +12.3%) is usually half a distance of a Fiat code and nonetheless in 2017, a numbers were 402,430 contra 144,885. Imagine how most faster VW will tighten a opening this year as a WLTP problem vanishes. Especially if there are any delays compared with a nonetheless to be announced subsequent Fiat 500.

Something that a above numbers do not uncover is a implausible recognition of a Jeep Compass in Italy, that propelled that code to an extraordinary 84,535 automobile deliveries final year. That was not usually a benefit of 71% yet adequate to put it in eighth place, some 2,000 units forward of Citroen and 3,000ish behind Toyota. In fact, for a month of December, Jeep took sixth place and had been as high as fifth progressing in a year.

Mass culling for Brazilian models?

Brazil is usually as interesting. Fiat has a same emanate there, a models being old, heading to a detriment of marketplace share. It’s no longer a startle to see it down not even in second place yet now in third, good behind Volkswagen (369,200 in 2018) and Chevrolet (434,364). This has been a settlement for a few years now.

You have to run your eye all a approach down a best offered models list to position 8 to find a Fiat. Even then, it’s not a car, yet a Strada, a tiny pick-up (see image) which, while technically new in 2009, goes most serve behind due to a age of a platform. Remember a Palio, Fiat’s Project 178 World Car family of models? Unbelievably, a association is still creation models subsequent this series, that dates to 1996. in that context, a 7 year aged Panda, a code and a country’s array one indication in Italy, and another vast seller, a born-in-2007 Fiat 500, are definitely youthful.

Exiting Europe’s B and C automobile segments

The difficulty with vouchsafing models turn ever some-more aged is that it ends adult costing a lot of income to eventually reinstate them, factoring in a vital and high-risk losses compared with carrying to relaunch in a segment. Look during what happened with a Tipo/Egea, a automobile that has not been most of a success outward Turkey and Italy. And now a Punto has dead and with it what had during one time been a vast participation in a B shred of European and certain other countries.

The costs of building and selling initial category challengers for a VW Polo and Golf were seen as being not worthwhile, so Fiat is tiny by tiny withdrawal some of Europe’s categorical distance classes. FCA has already let it be famous that a Tipo will not be transposed once prolongation ends in 2023. The destiny therefore looks a lot like Fiat in Europe will turn a Panda and 500 brand, upheld by a 500X, that is a vast seller in Italy.

Back in Brazil, there will be some-more new models. And nonetheless looking during a stream volumes, FCA will substantially confirm to discharge utterly a few comparison automobile lines, a outcome being a serve net detriment of marketplace share. Oddly, while a economy continues to stand out of a doldrums, Fiat will approaching be shifting further. The Siena (2018 sales: 17,460), Uno (15,151), Doblo (5,297) and Weekend (3,165) all demeanour like being possibly tighten to or prepared for a chop.

What about China and India?

After what came to demeanour like a bluff bid by FCA and a partners, GAC and Tata, vast scale prolongation of Fiat code models in China and India never collected most momentum. The cars were formed on low-cost, old-fashioned and inexpensive to make platforms. In both countries, prolongation slowed to a drip and afterwards petered out, a models in doubt being a Viaggio and Ottimo (GAC-Fiat, China) and a Punto and Avventura (Tata-Fiat, India) nonetheless in theory, a latter dual sojourn accessible yet bonds are shrinking and a code sole usually 743 vehicles final year. In China, a array of locally-built cars sole was 268.

Will a US be next?

In theory, a 500 continues to be accessible as an import in a PRC yet a code itself seems approaching to disappear from India. Given how low deliveries are in a USA (Jan: -39% to usually 751 cars) and Canada (Jan: a tiny 36 cars), it competence not be prolonged until FCA pulls Fiat out of those countries too. Brazil and Italy sojourn a ‘big’ dual markets, and there is also Turkey (a 41% pile-up to 70,058 sales in 2018) and afterwards a UK, France, Germany and Spain and a handful of countries where Fiat has a tiny presence, such as Japan, Mexico, Australia and South Africa. The destiny for this code is not looking during all rosy.

Why is FCA permitting Fiat to keep crashing?

FCA appears to have an speechless plan of permitting Fiat to blur while during a same time heavily compelling Jeep. This is working, and it also creates most financial clarity as a American brand’s models are pitched in higher-priced and higher-margin segments.

Let’s be transparent though: Fiat is doubtful to disappear. The Panda and 500 will shortly be replaced. And buyers in Brazil will still wish a operation of other models such as sedans, pick-ups and low-priced hatchbacks, vehicles that Jeep can't offer them. Having pronounced all that, to declare a Fiat code in Italy plummeting to a marketplace share turn of 16.9% for 2018 still shocks. Even as Jeep surged, declines from Alfa, Lancia and Maserati and Fiat meant that FCA Italy finished a year with an altogether share of 26.3% compared to 28.4% in CY2017.

Things weren’t too good for Fiat in Jan either, UNRAE information display a 29.1% fall. As for volume, that’s a full 10,000 automobile sales mislaid in usually one month compared to Gennaio 2018. And conjecture that approach VW went? Up. By 11%. Still, Lancia had a 55% surge, creation itself a usually other FCA code inside a tip ten. Jeep fell by 16%, Alfa by 45% (the MiTo, now gone, helped in Jan 2018) and Maserati by 36%. Ferrari saw a 43% benefit to 50 cars. Incidentally, not usually was it a bigger code in Jan than Infiniti (48 cars) yet Italians continue to shrug during a bitch people make about Tesla elsewhere in a universe (18 cars, down from a tiny 30 in Jan 2018).

Time to take a demeanour during a preference of Fiat models in some of a countries where a code still does comparatively well. For a full overview of all stream and destiny vehicles, see a integrate to PLDB during a bottom of this feature.

A segment

The subsequent era Panda had during one time been approaching to be done in Poland yet FCA is now pronounced to have inked in a existent model’s prolongation plant (Pomigliano d’Arco in Naples) as a plcae of build for a successor. There should also be a 4×4 Jeep variant, formed on a Panda Cross, in a same approach that a 500X and Renegade are done in a same plant, regulating a same architecture. In November, FCA Italy told unions of skeleton to build several destiny models during plants in a country. A mild hybrid Panda for Pomigliano was among a cars announced.

The deputy for today’s 500 should be one simple car: a indication now sole in North America was re-engineered for US emissions and pile-up regulations and is so utterly opposite underneath a skin from Europe’s model. The inheritor indication for all countries should be built usually in Europe. This is not usually since Chrysler needs ability during Toluca for other destiny models yet a 500 is not a vast seller in a Americas.

As good as petrol engines (but no diesel), there will be both amiable hybrid and entirely electric powertrains, according to a 1 Jun 2018 display done by FCA executives. The association also announced that a 500 Giardiniera (wagon) would be partial of a subsequent era range. The tiny estate as good as a 500e (see below: Electric) will be done during a Mirafiori plant in Turin.

B segment

The Grand Siena was launched in Brazil, a initial market, in Apr 2012. However, a initial era of this tiny sedan array continued for a time, renamed as a Siena EL. The automobile can be suspicion of as a sedan chronicle of a second era Palio. The Chevrolet Cobalt is one rival, a Volkswagen Voyage is another.

According to a slip during FCA’s May 2014 Investors’ Briefing, a ‘New Grand Siena’ would be due for launch in 2016. Now it’s 2019 and still no inheritor with that name has arrived. However, in 2017 came a initial of dual cars that have turn Fiat’s best sellers in a Brazilian B segment. The five-door hatchback is a Argo, with a sedan, a Cronos, following during a initial entertain of 2018. While a Grand Siena is still on sale, a Punto and Linea were their cars’ categorical predecessors.

C segment

The Bravo deputy (Project 317) had once been due for launch in mid-2013. As we know, that never happened. Instead, a Ægea – Aegea (‘ee-ghia’) plan had a universe premiere in sedan form during a Istanbul engine uncover in May 2015. This 4.5m prolonged car, that is sole as a Tipo in some countries and Egea in others, went on sale from Nov 2015, with FCA saying during that time that a indication would “gradually strech over 40 countries of a EMEA region”.

The Tipo 5-door and Tipo Station automobile had their universe premieres during a Geneva engine uncover in Mar 2016. The estate went on sale in applicable markets from Sep 2016. FCA reserve a chronicle of a Tipo sedan to dealers in Mexico. This is a Dodge Neon.

The Tipo/Egea will be gradually dropped in EU markets, FCA announced in Jun 2018. It will continue to be accessible in other countries that do not have a same, ever some-more despotic empty glimmer laws.


The predestine of Fiat’s dual MPVs is puzzling. The 500L and extended length 500L Living (500L MPW in some markets) have not been clever sellers outward Italy and in a US it’s roughly extraordinary that a 500L continues to be available, so low is direct there. Both models are done during a plant in Serbia that had a vital distillate of money forward of these vehicles going into prolongation there. The initial of a dual dates to 2012 so in theory, their replacements would be due any time now. That won’t be a box though, generally as outward China, tiny MPVs simply aren’t popular.

The Kragujevac plant is a 67/33% JV between FCA Italy and a Serbian sovereign supervision so any attempts to tighten this bureau will be met with extreme resistance. The vast doubt is what automobile or vehicles FCA could build there in a future. Given a age of a 500L’s platform, a plant would need a vital responsibility of a retooling as a SUSW pattern that Kragujevac was so expensively redeveloped to accommodate is frequency state of a art these days. One probability would be to make a hot-selling Jeep Compass there for European countries.


The 500X stays Fiat’s usually SUV in Europe and North America. Launched in 2015, it was facelifted final August. The operation during that indicate was separate into dual coming packages: a customary 500X Urban, and a 500X Cross and 500X City Cross. The tiny five-door, that is unequivocally some-more of a crossover than an SUV, should in conjecture sell good in a USA yet it doesn’t. Which is utterly a contrariety to how renouned a twin, a Jeep Renegade is. Still, a 500X does really good in Italy.

FCA US isn’t giving adult on a 500X, during slightest not for a moment. North America’s 2019 indication year 500X has a facelift and a engine choice also changed. The 1.3-litre MultiAir III transposed both a 1.4-litre MultiAir turbo and 2.4-litre Tigershark. The new engine develops 177hp and 210 lb-ft (284Nm) of torque. A nine-speed involuntary and all-wheel expostulate are also standard.

Whether or not a deputy appears alongside a subsequent Renegade in 2021/2022 stays open to speculation. In theory, Fiat competence leave this shred and wish that a Jeep will be usually as renouned with those in Europe who buy a 500X. It will be engaging to see if a stream 500X gets a same PHEV powertrain that will turn accessible in a Renegade during 2020. Should it not, this could be a pointer that FCA is instead building adult a Jeep and ceasing serve investment in a 500X as a indication line.


The Strada, as remarkable above, is, depending on how we systematise it, possibly a nine- (326 array range) or twenty-one year aged (178 series) Brazilian-built tiny pick-up. First seen in 1998, it was also sole in some left-hand expostulate European markets for a time and, until a finish of a 2014 indication year, accessible in Mexico too. There, it was transposed by a Ram-badged vehicle, a 700. This is a same indication yet with opposite branding.

There have been utterly a few facelifts and all demeanour of additional variants. Soon though, a inheritor should finally appear, a deputy being formed on a Fiat 500X/Jeep Renegade’s architecture.

A integrate of sizes adult is a Toro, another pick-up that is especially for a Americas (although not North America). Based on a stretched chronicle of a Renegade’s architecture, this front-wheel drive-based indication competes in Brazil, a best market, with a Chevrolet S10, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi L200, VW Amarok and Nissan Frontier (in order of marketplace share). Each of these is 5m/16.4ft long and heavier.

The Toro went on sale in Brazil in Mar 2016 and it should sojourn in prolongation for a decade with a facelift in 2021. There will be an SUV derivative to come too. The Fiat Fastback, a unconventional judgment that competence have suggested some of a styling of a SUV, was suggested during a Sao Paulo engine uncover a few months ago.


Mazda builds a mutated MX-5 in Japan for a Fiat and Abarth brands. Released in 2016, this saw a reconstruction of a 124 Spider badge. Unlike a MX-5, a Fiat and Abarth 124 Spiders are powered by an FCA engine. This is a Group’s 140hp 1.4 MultiAir, that is a 1,368cc turbocharged four-cylinder unit. In North America, a Abarth 124 spider is marketed as a Fiat 124 Spider Elaborazione Abarth.

As for either or not FCA will be supposing with replacements for a Fiat 124 Spider and Abarth 124 Spider, Mazda Motor’s CEO Akira Murumoto settled in a Dec 2018 talk that it was too early to say. He combined that a Roadster/MX-5 would always be a company’s possess pattern and not a corner venture. The stream models are approaching to sojourn in prolongation until 2023 after a facelift in 2020.


The second era electric 500 is due for sales recover in 2020. Unlike other 500s, a 500e will be done in Italy, not Poland.

Reports for many other manufacturers’ destiny models are grouped in a OEM product plan summaries territory of

Future product module intelligence

More fact on past, stream and stirring models can be found in PLDB, a destiny vehicles database that is partial of QUBE. That includes mixed Fiat models that do not seem in a above report, such as a Uno, Mobi, Fullback and Toro SUV.

This was a initial underline in a array covering stream and destiny newcomer vehicles done by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Others to come will concentration on Abarth and Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati, Dodge and Chrysler, Jeep, and finally, Ram.

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