Fiat hoped to hint America’s small-car revival. Instead, it mislaid out to SUVs


The automaker is reportedly formulation to free a Chrysler plant to build a new Jeep Grand Cherokee model.
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When a Fiat 500 made a American entrance in 2012, a two-door vehicle and a Italian siblings were billed as a saving beauty for an American automaker that had unsuccessful to make constrained little cars on a own.

But today, Fiat models, including newer offerings like the 500X subcompact SUV and a 124 Spider convertible, are few and distant between on American roadways.

Those vehicles have depressed distant brief of expectations for a code that was once billed as Chrysler’s sheet to a small-car rebirth in America following a nearby murder in 2009.

Today, their builder – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – is thriving, interjection mostly to a Jeep SUVs and Ram trucks. But a company’s Fiat code is curse away.

“You have a lot of things operative opposite it,” pronounced Tom Libby, automobile researcher for IHS Markit, a information and information provider. “The code doesn’t have any products in a categories that are thriving.”

Not a ‘sensible purchase’

Brought behind to a U.S. in a arise of Italian automaker Fiat’s 2009 understanding to take control of broke Chrysler as partial of a sovereign bailout, a Fiat code has encountered a array of obstacles.

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“I unequivocally do adore a approach Fiats looks, though it didn’t seem like a essential purchase,” she said.

Ultimately, she wanted something that had some-more space for clients and other equipment she has to packet around city for her job, like a occasional self-centredness countertop.

“The whole allure of a Fiat is that it’s tiny,” she said. “You can’t fit many in there.”

The peak

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Fiat’s U.S. marketplace share appearance during 0.29% in 2014, representing fewer than 1 in 300 vehicles sole nationwide, according to IHS Markit. That was a final year that gasoline surfaced $3 per gallon nationwide, according to AAA.

But in a following years, gas prices plunged, and Americans fell madly in adore with crossovers and SUVs. Small cars fell out of favor, pushing Fiat’s U.S. marketplace share down to 0.09% in 2018, or fewer than 1 in 1,000 vehicles sole nationwide.

The SUV bang has prompted Fiat Chrysler, General Motors and Ford Motor to cancel many of their newcomer cars. Chrysler, for example, already cut a Chrysler 200 newcomer car.

Could Fiat be next? 

It wouldn’t be a initial time in new memory that a tellurian automaker killed a small-car code that simply wasn’t working:

• Toyota killed Scion in 2016 after sales of a brand’s little cars faded.

• Mercedes-Benz is discontinuing sales of a Smart microcar brand in a U.S.

The Fiat, Dodge and Chrysler brands will collectively get 25% of a company’s tellurian investment collateral in a five-year duration from 2018 by 2022, according to association display final June.

But Fiat is sole essentially in Europe, that might be where a investments are concentrated. And that devise was designed by former CEO and Fiat reconstruction architect Sergio Marchionne, who died in July.

Fiat orator Bryan Zvibleman declined to criticism over a 2018 presentation, that teased several new vehicles underway though did not prove either they would be sole in a U.S.

Fiat Chrysler “has not indicated that a Fiat code will be forsaken from a U.S., though a singular operation and disappearing sales over time can make justifying support for Fiat an increasingly formidable task,” IHS Markit automobile researcher Stephanie Brinley said. “To flower in a U.S., it does need product that improved resonates with U.S. buyers.”

Quality problems

For many Americans, a Fiat code is out of sight, out of mind. The code ranks second to final among non-luxury lineups in selling consideration, forward of usually a Smart brand, according to Kelley Blue Book’s BrandWatch, that measures car-shopping activity and consumer perception.

Any nauseating feelings about a code from a initial U.S. run, that finished in a early 1980s, are not translating into movement during dealerships.

“If it had a story in a U.S., it wasn’t a clever one,” pronounced Michelle Krebs, researcher during Autotrader.

And a solid drumbeat of disastrous attention surveys about a brand’s trustworthiness have done a bad conditions worse.

In J.D. Power’s 2019 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study, that assessed a opening of three-year-old vehicles over a prior 12 months, Fiat ranked last.

In Consumer Reports’ 2019 Brand Report Card Rankings – that assessed brands formed on new-vehicle performance, owners compensation and trustworthiness – Fiat tied for last.

Fiat Chrysler pronounced in a matter following a Consumer Reports commentary that “Fiat brand formula continue to be lopsided by singular models and representation sizes.”

“We inspire people to knowledge Fiat vehicles for themselves, and we appreciate a constant business who continue to adore a Italian-designed, fun-to-drive car lineup,” a automaker said.

Philadelphia’s Gallagher pronounced that bad reviews and a “sluggish” exam expostulate in a Fiat 500X soured her opinion of a code when she was selling for a car in March.

Deals aren’t working

The code has attempted to extract sales by charity complicated discounts, Krebs said. For example, a 2018 Fiat 500X could be had in Apr with adult to $5,750 off, according to Autotrader.

“And nonetheless those abounding incentives are not relocating a needle for Fiat,” Krebs said.

To be sure, Fiat has had high points in a U.S. When gas prices peaked in 2014, Fiat sales surfaced out during 46,121.

Another earnest pointer was a array of selling wins such as a 2015 Super Bowl blurb display a Fiat 500X ingesting a Viagra-like tablet – a mark that placed third in USA TODAY’s annual Ad Meter rankings.

“Bigger, some-more absolute and prepared for action,” a anecdotist says of a 500X.

At this point, a same can't be pronounced for Fiat.

Follow USA TODAY contributor Nathan Bomey on Twitter @NathanBomey.

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