Fiat Chrysler Could Feel The Burn From US Import Tariffs

Even yet FCA is done adult of several American brands including Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and RAM, a association does import several cars from outward North America. Last year, FCA alien 158,553 cars and trucks from outward of a NAFTA area, that would all be taxed underneath Trump’s tariffs. Of a 158,553 cars, 103,434 were a Jeep Renegade SUV, that is built in Turin, Italy. All Alfa Romeo and Maserati models are also built in Italy, as is a Fiat 500X (which is built in a same bureau as a Renegade). Analysts Evercore ISI envision that FCA could take a 743 million euro ($866 million) annual strike with a 25% tariff.

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