Fiat 124 Spider review: S-Design special driven

Some arrange of special edition?

It is. The modern-day Fiat 124 Spider is formed on a underpinnings of a Mazda MX-5, after all, a Japanese roadster being aristocrat of a special edition.

This is a 124 Spider S-Design, and in a best traditions of MX-5 specials, a list of changes focuses some-more on character than substance. There’s new 17in alloys, gunmetal covers for a mirrors and rollover hoops and some red stripes down a side. You can customarily have it in white, too. It costs £26,905, adult scarcely dual grand on a 124 Spider Lusso Plus it’s based upon.

No engine or cessation changes, then?

Nope. The 1.4-litre turbo engine produces a same 138bhp as standard, while a cessation is unchanged. So it’s a softer, comfier automobile than both a harder cored Abarth 124 Spider, and a Mazda MX-5 it’s based upon.

It’s light, mind, weighing a small 1,050kg. So it’s flattering sprightly – 0-62mph in 7.5secs, 134mph tip speed – and with a well-balanced rear-wheel-drive chassis, it’s good fun to quarrel along on an engaging widen of road.

That’s generally loyal if we hang with a customary six-speed primer gearbox. It’s scrupulously gratifying and puts we in a heart of a action. Our expostulate in a S-Design also gave us a possibility to try a discretionary six-speed automatic, though…

Any good?

It’s not bad. There are traits that’ll greatfully people who like driving: involuntary shifts are customarily flattering intelligent, while primer shifts are flattering snappy. Downshifts come with a small blip of stifle to well-spoken them out.

The rigging hang has and and reduction in a scold positions, too (back for upshifts, brazen for downshifts, like a consecutive racecar) while in primer mode, a delivery never does involuntary upshifts, even right during a rev limit. These are all good things that even some of a best opening cars infrequently get wrong.

Yet it doesn’t have any paddles on a steering wheel. This seems like a vivid repudiation in a rear-wheel-drive sports car, and it seems to be a taciturn acknowledgment by Fiat that this isn’t a gearbox to select if we like going fast.

You can customarily have an automobile on tip spec 124s – so a Lusso Plus or this S-Design special – while it adds over £2,000 to a seeking price. It also cuts 2mpg from a fuel economy and some-more than doubles your initial highway taxation remuneration interjection to aloft CO2 emissions. The summary is clear, then: unless your pushing looseness final otherwise, we need the manual.

And a S-Design trim?

It’s a nice-looking spec (opinions being subjective, of course) though it strikes us as bad value. Your customarily paint choice with an S-Design also happens to be a customarily no-cost paint choice on a unchanging 124. Other hues cost adult to £750, and with one of those available, a additional cost competence feel some-more worthwhile. But we can substantially personalise a 124 Spider to your possess tastes distant improved (and cheaper) though this trim.

Make no mistake, a Fiat 124 Spider is a fun car. We lived with one and didn’t wish to palm it back. It’s simply a box of a S-Design not doing anything to urge it. But like we said, a 124 is formed on a MX-5. This special book might not utterly strike a spot, though there are certain to be some-more to select from any day now. In fact, there’s already an Abarth special right here…


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