Fiat 124-Spider is a wolf in sheep’s wardrobe though small red is pushing good

SO you’ve pressed yourself full of turkey and ham, and substantially drank too most over Christmas.

And now is a time of year everybody starts to consider about New Year’s resolutions.


Torque of a town… a 124 Spider is powered by a turbo petrol engine delivering 140bhp and 240 Nm torque

Well cave is to do some-more practice and to get outward and suffer a uninformed air.

And a ideal approach to do that is to dump a roof on this week’s exam drive, a Fiat 124-Spider, and go for a energetic blast by a nation side.

Driving for 30 miles browns 170 calories so throwing this fun tiny roadster around while respirating in loads of uninformed nation atmosphere with a roof down is a double win.

But don’t let this cute, voluptuous tiny roadster dope we into meditative a all uncover and no go, this lightweight, rear-wheel-drive gold of fun also packs a punch.

It’s powered by a 1.4-litre turbo-charged engine that produces 140bhp with 240Nms of torque.

That competence not sound like a lot of energy though it weighs usually a tad over 1,000kg so energy to weight ratio plays a large partial and this tiny red roadster is a wolf in sheep’s wardrobe that feels unequivocally quick generally with a breeze floating in your hair.


Steer from a rear… with a front engine and behind wheel-drive layout, it has a ideal weight placement though sadly there’s no Limited Slip Differential

Fiat 124-Spider
Cost: From £21,050 in a UK – from €31,495 in Ireland
Engine: 1.4-litre turbo
Power: 140bhp
Torque: 240Nms
0-62mph: 7.5seconds
Top Speed: 134mph (215kph)
Offical Economy: 44.1mpg (6.4L100km)
Real universe economy: 40mpg (7L100km)
Emissions: 148g/km CO2
Rivals: Mazda MX-5, Toyota GT-86, Subaru BRZ


Blast from a past… a new Fiat 124-Spider alongside a strange that was launched behind in 1966

Dropping a tip is unequivocally simple, usually one roof mounted clip, afterwards overlay it back, and we can do it with usually one hand.

From a station start a Spider will scurry to 60mph in 7.5seconds with a tip speed of 135mph and fuel economy is glorious too with an central total figure of 44.1mpg with 148g/km of CO2.

And in a genuine world, if we can stop yourself from pushing it like a male possessed, we can still see an normal lapse of 40mpg.

Unlike a routinely aspirated Mazda MX-5, that a Fiat is formed on, a 124-Spider’s turbo horse unequivocally brings it to life.

And with 40Nms of additional torque compared to a Japanese rival, that low down boost in a rev operation unequivocally creates a disproportion — and it sound category too.

If a Spider’s 140bhp isn’t adequate venom for you, afterwards there’s a some-more manly chronicle available.


Drop-top gorgeous… Fiat 124-Spider’s roof can be forsaken in a few seconds with usually one hand

Fiat’s tuning division, Abarth, has worked their sorcery formulating their own, some-more indignant chronicle that unequivocally does have a prick in a tail with 170bhp and one essential part that a Fiat doesn’t have — a Limited Slip Differential.

With an LSD fitted, if we energy out of a bend, both behind wheels will close permitting a behind to step out for some laterally fun, though instead, a Fiat will aimlessly spin a behind circle with a slightest grip.

You can contend goodbye to doing any donuts though doing correct it’s tough to error and since a cessation set-up borders on a soothing side, it’s matched to Irish roads.

Even on a rough county lane, a Spider still sticks to a highway with a shocks doing a good pursuit to conceal disproportionate surfaces we can lay behind and suffer a float though bouncing about a cabin since a float is too harsh.

The steering is a fun too, as is a sharp change from a six-speed primer gearbox though Fiat have Mazda to appreciate for that.

There are 3 trim levels — Classica, Lusso and Lusso and — and a indication I’m contrast here is a Lusso indication embellished in distinguished Passione Red that worked ideally with a resisting tobacco phony leather seats.


Compact… interior is close though infotainment centres around a user accessible 7″ screen

These were also heated, an essential oppulance for dump tip motoring in winter.

Fiat has toned down a styling down to emanate a some-more elegant, classier looking roadster.

The strange Fiat 124-Spider was launched behind in 1966, some 50 years ago and nonetheless a pattern borrows some classical retro styling, inside a reborn Spider has all a high-tech pack of a complicated car.

The lurch centres around an user accessible 7” infotainment complement that can be used when we are still though when you’re on a pierce we can usually use it around a centre console mounted rotary dial.

The cabin is flattering cramped, there is no glove box and usually a integrate of tiny storage areas and dual removable crater holders and a foot isn’t a biggest possibly with usually 140 litres.

But there’s adequate to fist in a integrate of tiny suitcases and who cares when a Spider is so most fun to drive.


Bootifull… a foot is usually 140-litres though a 124-Spider is all about fun and not practicality

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