Ferrari 488 Pista: reviews, specs and prices

Ferrari’s 488 Pista has won commend as one of the best driver’s cars of 2018 given a phenomenon during a Geneva Motor Show in March.

The much-praised Ferrari is a inheritor to a Italian marque’s limited-edition 458 Speciale from 2013 and is a approach opposition to race-derived models including a Porsche 911 GT2 RS and a McLaren 600LT. 

The Pista is formed on a customary 488 supercar yet also takes facilities from Ferrari’s stand of stream racing machines, including a sizeable carbon-fibre diffuser and stripped-out cabin.  

Here is what else we should know about Ferrari’s hardcore supercar, and a critics’ verdicts:

Price and release

Orders for a 488 Pista are already open, with prices kicking off during £251,590.


Although a 488 Pista is Ferrari’s many hardcore mid-engined V8 supercar to date, it’s surprisingly easy to expostulate on a rough roads of Britain, says Autocar

In fact, a palliate with that a Pista can “absorb a highway underneath yet giving divided anything in physique control” is “remarkable”, says a magazine, that claims a automobile is arguably some-more forgiving for drivers than Ferrari’s 812 Superfast grand tourer. 

“Unless you’re officious awkward with a throttle, or spectacularly err that pattern or cove adult ahead, a Pista feels as infallible as a Land Cruiser in a outback,” Autocar adds.

Meanwhile, Top Gear praises a 488 Pista’s 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. Turbo engines mostly knowledge loiter – when a engine takes a fragment of a second to conflict to a motorist dire a accelerator – yet this isn’t a problem with a Pista, which immediately responds to stifle inputs, a website says. 

As a result, a motorist can accurately place a automobile by corners by requesting tiny stifle inputs. 

However, says Evo, the engine note isn’t as “musical” as Ferrari’s naturally aspired cars. The engine is also “louder” than a customary 488, yet it isn’t intrusive adequate to impact on bland driving.

Nevertheless, James May sums adult a 488 Pista in The Sunday Times as an “utterly delightful” automobile for, say, “a extensive expostulate around a behind roads of Emilia-Romagna” in Italy.

“There are few activities to compare a fad of piloting a special-edition Ferrari with a wild engine snarling divided right behind your head. It creates me ill with a arrange of appurtenance paraphilia,” May concludes.


While a Pista is formed on a unchanging 488 GTB, Ferrari has heavily reworked a mid-engined supercar’s bodywork in a query for speed. 

The front of a automobile has a new carp and front splitter, giving it a some-more assertive look, and a vast atmosphere intake has been sculpted into a bonnet, to assistance atmosphere upsurge and beget some-more aerodynamic grip.  

At a back, a 488 Pista is propitious with a vast carbon-fibre diffuser, ike that on a firm’s GTE continuation racer, to further urge aerodynamic hold and revoke drag. The fender pattern is also opposite from a customary 488, mimicking a back of a 458 Speciale.

The revised bodywork and a further of a incomparable back spoiler helps a 488 Pista beget 20% some-more downforce than a bottom car, reports Auto Express.

Inside, a cabin facilities carbon-fibre highlights in several areas, including on a dashboard and steering wheel, says Autocar. The new supercar also facilities thinner windscreen potion and significantly rebate soundproofing, to reduce a weight.


The 488 Pista is versed with “the many absolute V8 engine in Ferrari’s history”, according to Auto Express.

The hardcore supercar facilities a same 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine as a customary 488, a repository says, yet a energy has been upped from 661bhp to 710bhp.

Thanks to that energy boost, and a weight reduction, the 488 Pista can go from 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds, with a tip speed of 211mph, reports Motor1


The 488 Pista has a series of hardcore track-focused rivals. These embody a McLaren 600LT, a Mercedes-AMG GT R and a Lamborghini Huracan Performante.

Porsche’s 911 GT3 RS was denounced on a same day as a 488 Pista. It will be one of a Italian supercar’s closest competitors, says Top Gear

The 488 Pista’s 711bhp twin-turbo V8 engine is extremely some-more absolute than a GT3 RS’s 513bhp flat-six engine. This helps a Italian supercar scurry from 0-62mph 0.4 seconds faster than a German car’s time of 3.2 seconds. 

According to The Sunday Times, the 488 Pista’s 1,385kg kerb weight is 45kg lighter than a rival, that should make a automobile easy to hoop on track. 

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