European vs. Japanese Cars: Why we switched From BMW X3 to 2018 Mazda CX-5

Five years ago, we bought a BMW X3. we knew it was my time to buy a BMW as we had family members who gathering BMWs for many years and desired them. It was my initial SUV so we unequivocally wanted something special. Test expostulate was like a dream. Not usually a float was well-spoken though a engine was so still (That’s how we remember my father describing a good automobile engine many years ago). You could feel a strength of engine and responsiveness both during acceleration and plain speed. The interior was solid, unfussy, finished of peculiarity materials. It was your customary no-frill German styling that we had no problem with.

BMW Reliability

Shortly after we took tenure of my BMW, we was on a highway and a wiring went wacky. My windshield washers went on and would not close off and my tailgate non-stop while my toddler was in a behind seat. we had to stop and make a panic call to BMW. After interlude and pulling to a protected place we got my child out and afterwards a automobile sealed itself and would not reopen. The automobile was towed and a ensuing emporium time took days and a automobile had other trustworthiness issues as well. For example, a coolant light came on during one point. The new BMW indispensable coolant. we called BMW for recommendation and they pronounced to supplement water. However, a primer privately pronounced not to do so, though rather special BMW coolant. we went to a play and they simply poured daub H2O in. This left me not guileless a car.

Another peculiar thing happened. While a automobile was still underneath guaranty during about 35K, a light came on and pronounced we indispensable brakes in front. we took a automobile to a play who gave it behind me and pronounced they were “all set.” However, a light came behind on again after 50K and my internal emporium pronounced a brakes indispensable to be altered again after only 15K miles. we think BMW did not change them, though simply reset a alarm somehow.

The final straw was a tire vigour monitoring failure. Not a sensor in one wheel, though a categorical mechanism during about 55K miles costing me $600. we bound it and went selling for a new car. we guess that over a 5 years we had a BMW between brakes, costly tires, a TPMS thing and other things we had to compensate for we spent about $2200 to keep a automobile running. And one of a reasons we bought it was a upkeep was ostensible to be enclosed for 4 years.

BMW Run Flat Tires vs. Mazda’s Conventional Tires and Spare Tire

My automobile was a one featured in one of Torque News’ many review and commented on stories, We Test BMW Run Flat Tires and Give Them a Thumbs Down. When we got a prosaic with my X3 on a Sunday a dealers during BMW could not assistance me. we was means to make it home on a run-flat tires, though afterwards had to hunt for a tire in stock. It took adult a operative day to do this. Worse, a run-flat tires were intensely costly compared to required tires. As a BMW X3 aged and we transposed a tires due to normal wear we guess we spent scarcely $1,000 some-more on run flats than we would have if a tires had been normal tires.

BMW vs. Mazda Dealership Experience, Service, Network

The people during BMW were good, though we never felt like anything was special during BMW. we asked for a loaner when we had a use finished that would take a few hours and was told to take an Uber. The second time, when a TPMS thingy quit, there was no loaner so we organised a ride. Where is a reward knowledge in that?

BMW was also tough to get to. we live north of Boston and a closest dealers are both out of a approach for me. However Mazda has dual dealerships nearby me, and both were easy to get to.

European vs. Japanese Vehicles Value and Features

I am not a automobile consultant and we didn’t comprehend when we bought my 2013 BMW new that roughly each affordable automobile had a backup camera. My BMW didn’t and we missed that. It also didn’t have adaptive journey control, doors thatch that open when we squeeze a handle, or any motorist aids like my new CX-5 does. All these things are costly add-ons for a BMW. How is BMW a oppulance automobile if it does not come with things like this standard?

European vs. Japanese Vehicles Conclusion – Why we Switched From BMW to Mazda

Having been innate and lifted in Europe, we always suspicion that European cars were somehow a best or better. However, carrying owned many brands now including Honda, Cadillac, Ford, Mercury, and now Mazda, we don’t see it that way. Over a years, we have come to comprehend that mainstream brands might good accommodate and surpass your reward expectations when it comes down to quality, reliability, comfort and value.

Author Note: Hande H. Tuncer, M.D., is a past contributor to, a partner announcement to Torque News.

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