Electra Meccanica Solo Here’s What You Need to Know

Electra Meccanica Solo Here's What You Need to Know

Earlier final month, Canadian electric automobile startup Electra Meccanica delivered a initial electric three-wheeler in a United States. The association is a latest entrance into tiny electric automobile market. However, a fall of other electric three-wheeler manufacturers like Aperta and Corbin are a covenant to a hurdles that an charity in this shred contingency face. 

The association believes a single-seater electric automobile Solo comes with facilities that sets it detached a three-wheeled competitors. Here what we need to know about a tiny commuter vehicle.

Creature Comforts

Unlike all electric three-wheelers before a Solo, a EV comes with facilities like energy windows and exhilarated seats. The automobile also comes with 10 cubic feet of load space, that is separate between a induce behind a motorist and a case underneath a hood. The Solo also gets an all digital tone instrument cluster.



Electra Meccanica is not touting a Solo as a deputy for a required car. Instead, Electra Meccanica wants Solo to be a destiny of particular commuting. The association says that many people invert alone and a single-seater electric automobile will make such brief trips some-more efficient. The electric three-wheeler also gives a motorist a preference of regulating carpool lanes, since a 3 wheeled Solo is personal as a motorcycle.


At a front, a Solo gets a mistake grill, lowered intakes and windshield that has some similarity to a required car. On a sides, we find a distinguished bodyline that runs opposite a length of a compress vehicle. The back circle is totally enclosed by a physique work to raise a vehicle’s aerodynamics. The Elektra Solo is 120 inches prolonged that creates it usually somewhat shorter than a Smart ForTwo.

The association claims that Solo has a drag fellow of 0.24 and weighs only 992 pounds. This was achieved by incorporating a combination physique and aluminum drivetrain components.



The tiny electric commuter is powered by a 61-kilowatt electric engine that produces 82 horsepower of rise energy outlay and 140-pound feet of torque. The Solo is back circle expostulate automobile and can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 8 seconds. The association claims that Solo can offer an all-electric pushing operation of 100 miles. Electra Meccanica also estimates that a battery container can be charged in 3 hours by regulating a turn 2 charging station. The Solo comes has a tip speed of 68 miles per hour.



The Electra Meccanica Solo has a cost tab of $15,500 (USD) or $19,999 (CAN). In North America, a initial smoothness of Solo EV was done to a patron in a Los Angeles area. The association has left on record to state that it skeleton on offered 75,000 Solo EVs in America over a march of subsequent 3 years.

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