Edmunds: How to get a many out of your trade-in

But while many shoppers have some arrange of devise for removing a good understanding when they’re shopping a car, they competence not have a devise to remove a many value from their trade-in.

Here are tips to assistance we get a many for your soon-to-be ex-car, along with some common and dear mistakes people make.


Your initial step in removing a clear-eyed guess of your car’s value is to value it online. You can obtain an estimation during Edmunds and other sites. Be honest about your car’s condition and be accurate in accounting for a trim turn and packages.

You should also get a genuine valuations in person. Consider removing trade-in quotes from several dealerships. If we live nearby a CarMax or EchoPark location, even better. These used-car superstores offer to buy vehicles undisguised with no vigour to buy a automobile from them.

Having mixed trade-in offers will assistance we know your vehicle’s tangible value. With that series in hand, you’re reduction expected to be talked into holding reduction for your trade-in when you’re shopping your new car.


Trade in your automobile before it’s time to replenish your automobile annual registration. If we compensate a registration and afterwards trade in a car, you’ve radically paid that price for a subsequent owner.

If you’re trade in a leased automobile (which people do infrequently before a franchise is up), do so right before your subsequent remuneration is due. Lease payments are for a arriving month. Don’t compensate for a automobile we won’t be using.


You competence be tempted to flow time or income into automobile repairs, anticipating you’ll get an exponentially larger trade-in value. Unfortunately, that’s not expected to happen.

Most dealerships can correct automatic and cosmetic problems for reduction than we can, and if a dealership’s estimator (usually a used-car manager) sees something amiss, that will be factored into a cost of reconditioning. A dealership competence ding we $500 in value for carrying a set of bald tires, for example. Accepting that creates some-more clarity than spending $1,000 to reinstate a bald tires. You positively won’t be offering adequate to equivalent that expense.

You should, however, attend to any tentative recalls before we try to trade in a vehicle. Remember that remember repairs are giveaway of assign to a owner. Depending on a astringency of a recall, a play competence not be means to sell a automobile until a forsake is fixed, and a dealership is doubtful to compensate tip dollar for a trade-in that it can’t simply resell. See if your automobile is theme to a remember during a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website . Just enter your automobile marker number.


If you’ve been in an accident, it helps to know a outcome of word claims on your car’s trade-in value.

Most collision repairs that are paid by word companies are reflected on automobile story reports, such as those from Carfax and AutoCheck. Unfortunately, these reports don’t explain if a collision was a vital or a teenager one.

An collision in your vehicle’s story news is roughly certain to dump a trade-in value. This is something to keep in mind for your subsequent car: If an collision is a teenager one with minimal repairs and a cost of a correct is tighten to your deductible, consider about profitable for a repairs yourself.


Once you’ve traded in your aged car, it’s never too early to consider about trade-in value of your new car. Keep all your use annals and your receipts, such as for new tires. In a eyes of a dealership, a chairman who keeps annals is a obliged automobile owner, regardless of a work achieved on a car. These people tend to have cars that are well-maintained, and that’s profitable to a play even if a automobile is removing on in years.

Try to have your new automobile waxed or minute during slightest once a year. This report can assistance your automobile accept a “clean” condition nomination during trade-in rather than a reduce condition, “fair.” This maintain can net we some-more dollars. The value disproportion will count on a age and a category of car: The disproportion between “fair” and “clean” on a 10-year-old economy automobile competence not be as good as on a most newer oppulance car.

EDMUNDS SAYS: Do a small formulation and consider like a dealer, and we can simply get some-more income for your trade-in.


This story was supposing to The Associated Press by a automotive website Edmunds. Matt Jones is a comparison consumer recommendation editor during Edmunds: Twitter @supermattjones.

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