E93 BMW M3 Convertible Drift Car Loses Its German V8 for a Supercharged LSX

Those of we who imagination impassioned one-off contraptions that spin discerning cars into amazingly discerning machines should keep a tighten eye on a universe of drifting.

Since shifting competitions opposite a universe are on an augmenting recognition trend, some-more and some-more drivers come adult with trip angle-savvy vehicles that brush us off a feet.

Case in indicate with a ex-generation BMW M3 Convertible in a video below. In a query for tire smoke, a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated Bavarian V8 has been substituted with a 376ci (6.2-liter) LSX and that’s not all. The GM heart of this Bimmer facilities a large 4.5-liter Whipple blower, one that protrudes by a hood, reminding us of Mad Max’s strange Aussie flesh car.

However, a engine cell is only a partial of this E93 M3’s aura. For one thing, once this Bimmer loses a top, a large rollcage creates a automobile demeanour a bit like a M3 pickup truck one-off BMW built a few years ago.

The tire-slashing savage will be used by French drifter Benjamin Boubles, who has a installed prize cabinet, as we can see in a square of footage during a bottom of a page.

Since this video represents the… Youtube corruption of a M3, we should design to see this thing being put to laterally work soon.

As for a trend mentioned in a intro of this article, other examples of such vehicles that have been extravagantly mutated entice a rear-wheel-drive Audi R8 manhandled by Valentino Rossi’s father.

A bit of (recent) flapping history

As indicated by a picture that shows adult on a digital lurch when a remade M3 is dismissed up, Benjamin isn’t during his initial LSX-motivated BMW – a drifter used to do his thing in a 600 HP LSX-holding E36 3 Series. Now this is one surprising square of tradition…

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