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Volvo only launched a all-new XC60 — adding a new crossover indication to a lineup underneath a oh-so-successful XC90 that aims to shake things adult in a ever-popular oppulance crossover segment.

The tester was a XC60 R-Design — an extra-athletic XC60 derivative combined for a oppulance crossover fan after additional flesh and doing and winter-busting firepower.

And here’s a thing, a XC60 is from Sweden. It’s designed and engineered and built by people who go downhill skiing on their lunch breaks and penchant being out in a snow. This shows adult in many ways.

Inside, a complicated Volvo cabin is in full effect. If you’re informed with a cabin of new Volvo models like a XC90, S90 and V90, you’ll find a XC60 to be rarely similar, interjection to a large, vertically-oriented executive screen, full-digital instruments, same lurch and same control layout.

Taken as a whole, XC60’s cockpit feels abounding and upscale and entirely on standard with a seeking price, packs styling that creates a particular and singular atmosphere for occupants, and delivers a healthy sip of high-tech, yet though looking bustling and formidable and strenuous and like you’ll have to sinecure a production tyro to assistance set a meridian control system. This is as elementary and superb as this many high-tech can substantially look.

The powertrain is a strength — mostly. The enclosed four-cylinder uses both a turbocharger and a supercharger for 316 horsepower from only dual litres displacement. Since it’s about a same distance as a Nissan Rogue, this many energy means a opened-up XC60 hauls some critical backside when called upon. Unfortunately, a abounding bearing comes with small auditory pleasure from a engine room — this engine, non-stop up, sounds no some-more sparkling than a Ford Escape.

Drive kindly and large low-end torque sees XC60 bloat forward with still creaminess. Stacks of energy are on daub from really low revs and a use of a turbo and supercharger is managed so good that a motorist doesn’t feel anything some-more than a fluffy thrust-wave bloat adult when a stifle is applied. Also, a tester started like a trainer after being parked during 33 next for 3 days, with no retard heater in use.

Standard all-wheel expostulate is slick, intelligent and invisible, and valid skilful during anticipating traction on severe surfaces though any detectable fuss. Other than storm-of-the-century conditions, you’ll have small worry about removing stuck.

Brakes perform admirably. Nail a left pedal on sleet and ice and you’re stopped, quickly, and in a true line, probably any time. As with a AWD system, XC60’s brakes feel easily tuned to leave a motorist feeling good upheld in nasty weather.

Headlights inundate a highway forward with clear white enlightenment that uniformly covers a effective range. There’s good marginal light outlay into tree lines and culverts beside a road.

Wipers use a built-in mist bar, so any dump of washer extract practical goes true to a glass. The complement works well, yet frustratingly, it froze adult plain twice on my exam drive, both times after a automobile wash, and even notwithstanding powerful flushing of a complement with washer liquid as a automobile dried. Triple check that a sprayers are operative scrupulously before sourroundings off on a prolonged trip.

Steering is good and complicated during speed, assisting a XC60 feel sealed on march and preventing many slush-stripe tug-of-war on a highway. It’s also quick and feather-light during low speeds, creation a XC60 a string to manoeuvre.

There’s space for 4 adults or an average-sized family of 5 and adequate conduct and leg room for those of normal distance in any seat.

Two complaints:

First, a seats in a R-Design tester need a thigh-pivot over a firm accelerate when entering, that can be uncomfortable. Further, a seats are done of grippy suede that creates it tough to only slip on in.

Second, a ride. This is sporty, stiff, manageable and taut. Sports automobile fans will like it, yet set adult thusly, float peculiarity and excellence can fast reduce on rougher roads.

All said, a XC60 is many considerable when tolerably piloted by bad weather, as occupants relax, tell and smugly grin as they float in comfort, with winter-driving mayhem holding place outside.

Here’s a particular take on a complicated oppulance crossover and a constrained test-drive claimant when shopper priorities embody singular character and pushing environment, and consultant fine-tuning of how a car responds and supports drivers in severe situations.

The specs

Model: 2018 Volvo XC60 R-Design

Engine: two-litre four-cylinder, supercharged and turbocharged, intercooled, 316 horsepower

Drivetrain: all-wheel expostulate (AWD)

Transmission: eight-speed automatic

Features: LED headlights, breathtaking sunroof, exhilarated leather, keyless start, energy tailgate, Bowers and Wilkins stereo system, involuntary meridian control, Pilot Assist journey control system, rain-sensing wipers, fringe camera system

What’s hot: glorious winter performance, intelligent AWD system, well-spoken and manly engine, understated looks, stand-out cabin, inspires certainty in bad weather

What’s not: sometimes-stiff ride, potentially worried seats

Price as tested (XC60 R-Design): $65,000

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