Demonic Nissan GT-R Has 1600 HP, Hits 211 MPH In Half A Mile

The Nissan GT-R is 11 years aged now, carrying been launched in 2007, though a Japanese code has done certain it stays rival by constantly upgrading it.

Over a years, we have seen opposite models rolling off a public line, and several special editions, all of them with copiousness of grunt to put most pricier supercars into their corners.

Of course, during all that time, a GT-R has also turn a heavenly of a tuning world. The instance decorated next facilities some high-end modifications that are a work of Gosha TurboTech, a Russian association specialized in tweaking high-end machines.

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With a large 1,600 horsepower accessible on tap, it’s roughly 3 times as absolute as a stock 2017MY GT-R, and it has about 100 hp some-more than a Bugatti Chiron.

This GT-R, that by a approach is wearing a hellish-themed wrap, wowed bystanders during a drag racing eventuality in Germany not only by a looks, though mostly by using a half-mile during 340.90 km/h (211.83 mph). So, a individualist hang is really wise as all ruin breaks lax when a motorist puts a pedal to a metal, as we can see in a following video.


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