Coming soon: How a Lamborghini Huracán Rear-Wheel-Drive Spyder can rev a Fast and Furious lifestyle

The 2017 Lamborghini Huracán Rear-Wheel-Drive Spyder and a predecessor, an all-wheel-drive version, are substantially identical. Aside from a pointed widening of a front atmosphere intakes and specifically contoured aluminium brakes to boost downforce, you’d be hard-pressed to collect a new one out in a line-up.

Which raises a question: Why spend US$20,000 some-more on a rear-wheel-drive version, generally given it’s some-more squirrely to drive? My answer: exactly.

If we are in a marketplace for a Lamborghini, we are in a marketplace for something that feels radical when we expostulate it – distant opposite from any other automobile on a marketplace today. And substantially we are penetrating to vigilance only how tiny a additional responsibility impacts your bank account.

The 2017 Lamborghini Huracán RWD Spyder (alias a Huracán LP 580-2 Spyder) is approaching in Hong Kong during a finish of a late summer to autumn of this year. Local play Lamborghini Hong Kong can’t name a cost this week, though says a Huracan RWD Coupe is from HK$3.68 million.

However, Francesco Scardaoni, handling executive of Automobili Lamborghini Greater China, says a rear-wheel-drive operation appeals to drivers “desiring a some-more exhilarated pushing experience, or those who now expostulate other rear-wheel-drive marques and aspire to expostulate a Lamborghini”.

The rear-wheel-drives are “the purest countenance of a Lamborghini to date, with class-leading technological refinements creation fun a hint of driving”, he tells a South China Morning Post.

The rear-wheel-drive’s weight placement has changed, adds Scardaoni, an Aventador enthusiast.

“We now have 40 per cent on a front axle, and 60 per cent on a back axle,” he says. “It is unequivocally suitable for city pushing since a steering is light and a set adult allows some-more energy over steering behaviour. But of course, a automobile is means to give we a certainty of a unequivocally plain front axle.”

As a result, this Spyder chronicle embodies what a complicated Lamborghini is and should be – visually arresting, massively powerful, a tiny dangerous, and singly refreshing to drive. Without apologising for any of it.

Its closest competitors are a Ferrari 488 GTB and a McLaren 675LT. They both use back circle drive, cost good over US$200,000 and demeanour unmistakable. When we see a McLaren or a Ferrari, we know it.

The Huracán RWD Spyder looks distant odder on a road, with a pressed-flat roofline, chiselled back haunches, and gaping atmosphere vents. When we expostulate it, we will get distant some-more adore and hatred than if we expostulate a McLaren or a Ferrari. (I should know. we have driven – and been cat-called, jeered, cheered, and judged in – all three.)

Visually, it is truly a novelty, generally if we buy a automobile version, rather than a Huracán coupe. It completes a whole unapologetically brash, top-dog picture one wants when shopping into this brand.

The thick broom tip deploys in 17 seconds, even with a automobile relocating adult to about 50km/h. How improved to hear that vibrated 580-horsepower, V10 engine and make certain everybody knows we are a motorist propitious (and ballsy) adequate to be behind a wheel? This is pristine Lamborghini bragging on a turn we don’t get with a hardtop car.

(A word to a wise: You contingency welcome that bragging to expostulate a Lamborghini, though do prune down your possess demeanour before removing behind a wheel. This whip is crazy adequate though a shrill habit creation we demeanour ridiculous). A identical unhinged component lurks underneath a bonnet. Where many oppulance cars are exercises in personal style, rather than feeling essentially singular when we expostulate them, this Lambo drives as if it came from a opposite universe.

If pushing a McLaren is accurate like mind surgery, and pushing a Ferrari is pleasing like an opera, pushing a Lamborghini is like fasten a expel of Fast and a Furious. It is indeterminate and opinionated. It will fishtail and get divided from we on a back-end if we don’t compensate attention. Credit a unnerving multiple of Lamborghini’s seven-speed, dual-clutch, double-wishbone, eccentric cessation and super-stiff, carbon-fibre, hybrid framework – finally let entirely off-leash with that new back circle drive.

It is on a whole other turn than a customary offerings from Mercedes and BMW and Audi, though it is also extravagantly opposite in feel from Ferrari and McLaren, too.

There are 3 expostulate modes: Corsa for racing, Strada for city pushing and limit grip, and Sport for a tasty oversteer receptive with only a tingle of a circle and accelerator pedal. In addition, Adaptive Network Intelligent Management record adjusts a vehicle’s poise formed on a pushing character of a chairman inside. There is also electronic fortitude control and discretionary Lamborghini Dynamic Steering that varies a steering ratio to say a ideal steering response in all highway conditions.

These things concede this Lamborghini to surpass during high speeds. Zero to 100km/h takes about 3.4 seconds, and a tip speed is about 320km/h.

They also assistance grasp a some-more fugitive customary for supercars: being sufferable to expostulate underneath low speeds. It is one thing to be means to get a garland of energy and bearing calibrated for violent acceleration. Plenty of cars and motorcycles, for that matter, don’t come alive scrupulously until they pass a certain threshold. They are meant to live during that speed. But that engineering also creates a cars brutal to expostulate underneath some-more paltry conditions.

I gathering a Huracán RWD Spyder for a week in Los Angeles (which means a lifetime in traffic). we took it to Santa Monica and Venice and West Hollywood and Topanga Canyon and Silver Lake. Yes, a mild side and back prominence and a (lack of) clearance, even with a symbol that rises a front adult an inch, are adequate to means an ulcer. But a automobile doesn’t get exhilarated and rumbly sitting in gridlocked traffic, as a Aventador does.

The steering is so light we can do it with a finger, and a branch radius is an inconclusive driver’s dream. These tiny advantages meant a RWD Spyder is forever some-more bearable on a daily basement than a some-more assertive brother.

The automobile also uses a complement that will deactivate cylinders on that routinely aspirated, dry-sump V10 engine, slicing ignition to one five-cylinder bank when full strength is not needed. That helps grasp a total 19-miles-per-gallon (12.37 litres per 100km) efficiency, that beats a Huracán coupe (17mpg / 13.8l/100km) and Aventador Roadster (12mpg/ 19.6l/100km). No one buys a Lamborghini to save petrol – though if we are shopping one anyway, this is a one that will need fewer array stops.

You have got improved things to do.

Additional stating by William Wadsworth

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