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It’s day 5 during a Chicago Auto Show – and it’s all about giving.

People who brought during slightest 3 cans of food perceived half off their admission. It’s a gesticulate with apparent meaning, and it highlights a pivotal idea of a show. They’ve come to dream and to give behind during slightest a little.

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Kevin Stoffer visits a Chicago Auto Show each year. On Wednesday, he came temperament gifts.

“Oh it is a tiny token though it gives me an event to feel good about coming,” Stoffer said.

So many sought that vibe that a 50-cubic-foot enclosure fast filled and had to be replaced.

“This is a family tradition, it’s not about a responsibility of a canned products to save income on their ticket, it is about unequivocally lenient themselves and their children to be a partial of a solutions,” pronounced Neli Vazquez Rowland, A Safe Haven Foundation.

A Safe Haven links food confidence to homelessness issues and has partnered with a Chicago Auto Show for 19 years. ABC7 has connected with a agency’s annual 5K Run to End Homelessness. Volunteers from Mars candy were on a front lines Wednesday.

“I looked during a box this morning, it was empty, a integrate of cans, and we suspicion it is going to be delayed formed on a day of a week. And it is full already and we have to get it out of a way,” pronounced Mike Molda, Mars, Inc.

Eventually all of these automotive treasures here – reduction a concepts, of march – will make their approach to dealers who are mostly a lifeblood of internal economies. That joining to village underlies a feel during a Chicago Auto Show.

“We can’t be a partial of a village but participating in it, and we wouldn’t be that approach – that’s only how we operate,” pronounced John Hennesey, River View Ford, Chicago Auto Show clamp chair.

By a finish of a show’s run Feb. 21, congregation are approaching to give 10-12 tons of food that A Safe Haven will use for the clients and discharge by Chicago’s broader food confidence network.

See some-more ABC7 coverage of this year’s Chicago Auto Show here.

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