Chicago Auto Show kicks off open automobile sale deteriorate – WLS

The glossy surfaces, constrained and interactive displays, a new automobile smell everywhere we go – it’s all partial of a Feb fiesta that is a Chicago Auto Show.

It also serves as a kickoff to expostulate sales in a open season

PHOTOS: 2016 Chicago Auto Show

“We get to lay in them see if we are comfortable, if a family is going to fit in them, if we like how they feel how most they cost, and we get to see all of a models in a tiny space,” pronounced Andrea Stauffenberg, of Plainfield.

The Stauffenbergs are formulation a automobile squeeze within a subsequent 12 months. According to Foresight Research in Michigan, that’s a same for 68 percent of Auto Show attendees.

“Having all this good new piece metal, it does get people excited,” pronounced David Sloan, president, Chicago Auto Show. “It is so critical that automakers are here in a large approach so they move their latest displays and best vehicles, all a latest element since they know we can beget seductiveness and demand.”

Manufacturers know who’s here.
– 44 percent are women
– 80 percent come privately to see newly-debuted vehicles
– 42 percent are millennials, who presumably are not that into cars

With all those people looking to buy soon, Foresight Research has found attendees supplement one or some-more brands to their care list – manna for a companies that spend a lot to impress.

“I adore Chicago personally. People come here and they have critical questions. They wish to know about a automobile they wish to know in-depth about a automobile they are unequivocally severely looking,” pronounced Ricky Underhill, Kia product specialist.

Follow some-more of ABC7’s 2016 Chicago Auto Show coverage here.

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