Chevy introduces a new Colorado ZR2, an off-road-ready pickup …

Alan Batey, boss of General Motors North America and conduct of Chevrolet, is large on trucks, and Los Angeles is his biggest market.

The executive, vocalization before a launch of Chevy’s new ZR2 off-road-ready pickup truck, pronounced Los Angeles now eclipses Dallas and Houston and each other city in a U.S. for lorry sales.

He’s bullish on a ZR2’s chances in a market, and his company’s four-wheeled future.

“We’re doing about 900,000 units in sum lorry sales for GM,” Batey said. “That done us No. 1 for a year final year, and we consider we’ll be No. 1 again this year.”

Chevy trucks are “the lion’s share” of that figure, Batey said, creation adult about two-thirds of all GM trucks, incompatible GMC and Ram units sold.

That compares agreeably with sales during Ford, that manufacturers a country’s singular many renouned vehicle, a F-150 pickup.

“If we demeanour during Ford, from 2013 to now, their lorry sales are flat,” Batey said. “Ours are adult 35% over a same period.”

Batey pronounced that adult to 50% of people who buy a new Colorado, that a association reintroduced as a midsize lorry to turn a usually manufacturer to offer midsize, full-size and heavy-duty trucks, are new to a brand. Conquest sales are holding divided business from Ford’s F-150 and Toyota’s Tacoma.

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