Chevy Colorado Sales Fall Further Behind Toyota Tacoma In Q4 2018

Chevrolet Colorado sales were flat in the United States in the third entertain of 2018.

Chevrolet Colorado Sales – Q4 2018 – United States

In a United States, Chevrolet Colorado deliveries totaled 30,004 units in Q4 2018, a diminution of about 0 percent compared to 29,962 units sole in Q4 2017.

During a finish 2018 calendar year, Colorado sales increasing about 19 percent to 134,842 units.

Chevrolet Colorado Sales – Q4 2018 – Canada

In Canada, Chevrolet Colorado deliveries totaled 1,364 units in Q4 2018, a diminution of about 2 percent compared to 1,390 units sole in Q4 2017.

During a finish 2018 calendar year, Colorado sales were prosaic during 0 units.

Chevrolet Colorado Sales – Q4 2018 – Mexico

In Mexico, Chevrolet Colorado deliveries totaled 184 units in Q4 2018, a diminution of about 40 percent compared to 309 units sole in Q4 2017.

During a finish 2018 calendar year, Colorado sales were prosaic during 0 units.

Competitive Sales Comparison

Chevy Colorado sales during a fourth quarter of 2018 were flat. Though that’s improved than a 7 percent downturn gifted a corporate cousin, the GMC Canyon, the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier posted significantly aloft sales expansion of 22 and 5 percent, respectively, during a same time frame. The formula enabled a Tacoma to not only remain America’s best-selling midsize pickup lorry during a quarter, though to also sell 12,000 units some-more than a Colorado. In fact, a Tacoma’s 42,065 deliveries were aloft than combined Colorado and Canyon sales (38,223 units).

Sales Numbers – Midsize Mainstream Pickup Trucks – Q4 2018 – USA

The Colorado remained a second best-selling midsize lorry during a quarter, outselling a Nissan Frontier as good as the Colorado’s height mate, a GMC Canyon (see GMC Canyon sales).

The mid-size mainstream pickup lorry segment grew 8.54 percent in Q4 2018 and 18 percent during a finish 2018 calendar year.

We are including Honda Ridgeline sales for informational purposes, as the model straddles a midsize and full-size pickup lorry segments.

Sales Numbers – Honda Ridgeline – Q4 2018 – USA

The GM Authority Take

The fact that GM is offered 30,000 units of a midsize Colorado in a singular entertain is good and wonderful. But it’s still rather grievous that Toyota manages to outsell a Colorado and its GMC variant, combined, by a healthy margin.

We trust that this is due to Toyota’s rock-solid repute in the midsize lorry space, providing a arguable product that’s desirable. In addition, Toyota has been incentivizing the Tacoma more sparingly than Chevrolet has been with a Colorado, while also carrying stronger contractual ties with blurb swift clients that it radically took over when GM pulled out of a midsize pickup lorry space around 2012.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change total compared to Chevrolet Colorado Q4 2017 sales, solely as noted
  • In a United States, there were 77 offered days in Q4 2018 and 76 offered days in Q4 2017

About Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado is a mid-size pickup truck. It is now Chevrolet’s smallest pickup lorry in a U.S. and Canada, slotting underneath a full-size Chevrolet Silverado. In Mexico, a Colorado slots above a compress Chevrolet Montana and a similarly-sized S10, though next a Silverado/Cheyenne (the name for some of Silverado’s trim levels in Mexico).

The stream Colorado was introduced in 2015 and represents a second era of a Colorado nameplate. The indication rides on the GMT-31XX platform shared with the GMC Canyon, as good as a international-market Chevrolet Colorado/S10 and Chevrolet Trailblazer.

International-market Chevrolet/Holden Trailblazer

International-market Chevrolet Colorado (Holden Colorado)

The 2018 Chevy Colorado represents a fourth model year of a second-generation Colorado. The vehicle remains rarely rival in a segment, charity dual gasoline engines and a diesel motor, that is a shred exclusive. The off-road-specific Colorado ZR2 was launched for a 2017 indication year. However, the Colorado family continues to miss several facilities asked by many benefaction and intensity customers, such as a moonroof, a shifting back window, as good as a range-topping LTZ or High Country trim level.

The 2019 Chevy Colorado represents a fifth indication year of a second-generation Colorado. The car sees a new Colorado ZR2 Bison package, new extraneous colors, a new 18-inch wheel, black bowties for every ZR2 model. Additionally, a 2019 Colorado gets new set of infotainment systems that paint a third era of Chevrolet infotainment systems, Type A and Type C USB ports, a second in-cabin microphone, a high-def Rear Vision Camera, UltraSonic Rear Park Assist, a exhilarated steering wheel, and 6-way energy motorist chair on some models. The street-focused Colorado RST and Z71 Trail Runner off-roader are also combined to a lineup.

A midcycle modernise is approaching for a 2020 indication year. It is believed that a refurbish will bring revised front and back styling, as good as possible updates to a interior, and powertrain.

For a U.S. and Canada, a Chevrolet Colorado is built during the GM Wentzville factory in Missouri operated by GM USA. The indication sole in Asia-Pacific is built at the GM Thailand plant in Rayong, that is operated by GM Thailand. The GM Sao Jose Dos Campos plant operated by GM Brazil builds a Chevy S10 for South America.

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