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The crossover demeanour is out and SUV/truck styling is in. Apparently, buyers wish their crossovers to have a imperishable demeanour and embankment a softer, car styling many crossovers now offer.

I tested Chevy’s new 2018 Traverse FWD 3LT and favourite a new truck-centric styling. Think of a new Traverse as a mix of a Tahoe and Equinox. Traverse’s skinny LED headlights and slim taillights are tied together with a bold, shoulder line that reminds me of a Cadillac from certain angles. Traverse is tall, that advantages drivers with aloft visibility, improved headroom and good load capacity.

Power On Demand

Pop a hood and you’ll view a 3.6-liter V-6 customary emanate engine, solely on turbocharged RS models. The 3.6-L facilities an adequate 266 pound-feet of torque and is corroborated with a new 9-speed involuntary transmission. FCA take note, this is how a 9-speed should duty in terms of responsiveness, energy send and smoothness.

Inside Refined

Inside, we favourite many of Traverse’s interior, as a ‘truck look’ continues. The far-reaching seats and three-row, seven-passenger ability give a Traverse a full-size interior feel. The 8-way energy chair adjustments helped yield limit comfort during a prolonged highway trip.

Splitting a front passengers is a tall, far-reaching console that blends into a blunt pickup-style lurch design. Chevy pulls off a lorry design, and while there are a lot of cosmetic reduce pieces throughout, they are put there to withstand oppressive family use.

There is a reason of reward with leather trim on a seats and doorway panels. Entry/exit is good for a second-row bench, yet curiously (cost-cutting) usually a newcomer side flips/folds brazen to concede entrance to a third row. The second- and third-row seats overlay flat, providing a sum of 98 cubic feet behind a front quarrel – ideal for rigging and vast objects. 


As for tech, it’s a churned bag here. Traverse comes with a stream book of Chevrolet’s MyLink infotainment system. The erratic arrangement is integrated easily into a dash, yet even yet it’s a latest MyLink complement it is fast descending behind a competition. we suspicion a 8-inch shade was swarming with antiquated graphics and ungainly functions to get to settings. On a certain side my exam car did have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with discretionary 4G LTE WiFi do assistance to keep a complement relevant. Two USB assign ports are located adult front and there’s a 120-volt energy opening and dual some-more USBs in a behind for passengers.

Piloting a Traverse, we was gratified by a acceleration, as a delivery is discerning to channel a engine’s energy from a station start. During low-speed cruising shifts were rendered probably undetectable. The new engine never felt worked or about to run out of steam during flitting – and it emits a guttural sound.


Handling has left from minivan to able sedan. Contributing to this alleviation are MacPherson struts in front, bolstered with hydraulic ride-control mounts, afterwards a five-link back with hydraulic mounts, removed cradle, and upgraded shocks all around.

My exam car was a front motorist that rubbed rather truck-like yet left a line like a late indication Impala. The float is smooth, but apropos mushy, and physique lean is controlled. we was unhappy by a steering that felt dull and delayed to respond.

The bottom indication is a LS (there is a super-stripped L model) and LS starts during only underneath $33,000. However, a tip AWD versions can fetch over $52,000 putting them closer to low- to mid-luxury brands’ mid-size offerings. 

So, a bottom line is, if we don’t wish up-to-the-minute technology, and we can live but each option, and don’t need a firepower of a Dodge Durango, or a doing of a Mazda CX-9, afterwards a new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse can reason a possess with a competition.

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