Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 full-cell tested by 25th US Infantry Division

The physically commanding Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, a many impassioned off-road-capable fuel-cell-powered electric car ever from General Motors, was suggested on Oct 3, 2016 during a tumble assembly of a Association of a United States Army (AUSA). Its margin contrast has been carried on in Jan 2018 with a 25th Infantry Division.

Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 (Picture source: GM)

GM and a U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) collaborated to rise a Colorado ZH2 from agreement to judgment in reduction than a year. Previous ZH2 evaluations concerned Soldiers during a patrol and organisation levels in real-world margin conditions during Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Fort Carson, Colorado, while a latest practice concerned an whole battalion-sized element. “The ZH2 is some-more than only a hybridized vehicle. It’s unequivocally a jump forward as we demeanour during solutions we’re perplexing to get on a turf quite germane to reconnoitering and confidence organizations,” pronounced Lt. Col. Tim Peterman, 2nd Squadron Commander, 14th Cavalry Regiment.

Standing some-more than 6½ feet high and some-more than 7 feet wide, a Colorado ZH2 was built on a stretched midsize pickup chassis. Reinforced inside and out, a ZH2 rides on 37-inch tires and a specifically mutated cessation that helps a car stand over and deplane all demeanour of terrain.

The Colorado ZH2 facilities an Exportable Power Take-Off section (EPTO) that allows a fuel dungeon to appetite activity divided from a vehicle, such as remote locations where electric appetite might differently be unavailable. This underline is really useful, namely for telecommunications. In destiny troops operations, carrying fuel cells tiny adequate for Soldiers to lift in a margin that can be used to recharge batteries used for night prophesy goggle systems, thermal cameras, organisation systems, or any UAV resources would infer intensely useful.

The electricity that drives a ZH2 car doesn’t come from storage batteries used in today’s electric cars: a ZH2 generates electricity from rarely dense hydrogen stored in a car total with oxygen from a atmosphere by an electrochemical reaction. Existing fuels such as gasoline, propane, JP8 (the Army’s categorical petroleum fuel source) and healthy gas can also be used to furnish hydrogen. TARDEC and other Department of Defense entities are researching and comparing a costs and advantages for any appetite source to establish that is many effective and fit for several areas of operation within a continental U.S. and abroad.

Paul Rogers, executive of TARDEC, pronounced that “Fuel cells have a intensity to enhance a capabilities of Army vehicles significantly by still (stealthy) operation, exportable appetite and plain torque performance, all advances that gathering us to examine this record further.” The Army is evaluating a ZH2 fuel dungeon for Near-silent operation enabling wordless watch capability, reduced acoustic and thermal signatures, high circle torque during all speeds around electric drive, low fuel expenditure opposite handling range, and H2O by-product for margin uses (the dual gallons of H2O constructed per hour by a car are not celebration though a catharsis complement could be combined to a vehicle).

Research work is now focused on defining how do we produce, store, transport, and discharge hydrogen on a battlefield. To make it short, what are a cost implications of hydrogen record in several applications and phases of vital fight operations?

 ZH2 Fuel-cell Electric Vehicle 

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