Car review: Honda Civic Type R (2017)

It looks, we extend you, like like it’s been concerned in some horrific examination down during a Halfords RD centre. Those spoilers! The whale-tail! The ridicule honeycomb diffusers! The triple exhaust! The red chair belts! Who’d be seen in a automobile such as this?

I’m not certain to be honest. This is a Golf GTI chaser that set a new front-wheel expostulate path record during a Nurburgring, so one answer to that that doubt competence be “someone who wants to set a new front-wheel expostulate path record during a Nurburgring” (or, some-more likely, a M25), yet that competence not be you. So let me convince we that we competence usually like a Type R to liven adult your life.


Yes, a styling is loud, and, as distant as we can see, there is no “understated” choice in a sales brochure. It is roughly as if a Honda designers pronounced to themselves, “we know this is going to finish adult removing thrashed, modded and molested one day, a physique pack costing some-more than a car’s value, so we’ll usually save a Civic Type R owners in about a year 2030 a worry and hang all a things on now.” Far-sighted, we competence think.  

Yet a Honda Civic is a many some-more couth sense than it appears, quick as it positively is. Compared to a final version, it indeed looks some-more car-like, and rather reduction like Matilda a residence drudge from TV’s Robot Wars. The exaggeration of yobbish vigilant is, unfortunately, still all too evident, and it’s not unequivocally a good look. Gradually we came to realize because women were looking during me with a demeanour that churned pity, disregard and entertainment in equal measure. It was a outlandish car. Or during slightest we wish that’s what it was. 


Anyway, we can encourage we that not usually has it all a acceleration, hold and interlude energy you’ll ever desire, it is, in a approach of all Hondas, ideally civilised, and you’ll equally suffer a ample interior and practicality of all yet a bucket seats (not suitable for anyone with mobility issues). There’s also a “comfort” environment that creates it an even some-more pliable companion, yet one means of outperforming many things on a road. Even in switchable “Sport” or “+R” mode it stays calm, requesting all a unusual torque by a front wheels alone yet with no undue bitch or mess. It will make we a improved driver, or give we and others that impression. Somehow Honda’s engineers have included their traditionally high-revving engine with a some-more flexible response during low revs, that we theory is what a era of drivers used to turbo-diesels demand.


If we caring about this arrange of thing, a Type R is done in Britain too, during a tellurian production heart for a Civic during Swindon. How distant this will exist Brexit is a matter for discuss (as we all know) yet a some-more Civics sold, a improved a chances of unresolved on to a jobs.

Honda Civic Type R

Price: £29,485

Engine capacity: 2-litre petrol 4cyl, 6-speed manual

Power outlay (PS @ rpm): 320@6,500

Top speed (mph): 169

0-60mph (seconds): 5.7

Fuel economy (mpg): 36.7

Co2 emissions (g/km):  176

In fact, a chances are that this automobile won’t finish a days as a neglected wheezing penetrate with a physique pack all scruffy and ripped and a glove box rattling divided to a kick of a drum in a boot. It might good go by such a phase, but, like some of a renowned Type R predecessors it might good turn collectible and as bit of a classic. This is what has happened with a really initial Civic Type Rs (1997-2000 with a manufacturers growth EK9, that is a Mark 10 Civic). These can go for anything from £3,000 to £8,000 now, and, should we be interested, a elite shade is splendid yellow. 

Honda has for many years struggled with a ostensible weight of a comparatively aged patron base, being impelled to go a bit mental on a styling and opening and, as a result, rather overcompensating. My summary is that it’s comparison drivers who can means to buy or protection such a car and give it a loving standing it deserves. In due march they will also be a usually ones means to means to buy a “classic” Type R once they’ve been detected for a small gems they are. 


In box we didn’t discuss it, a Type R is a good drive, with nothing of a oppressive float we get on a German things (thrilling as they are), or a boisterousness of a Ford Focus RS. Plus it substantially won’t mangle down and, one day, it will be value many some-more than a throw value. Whether you’ll still be around to suffer that depends on other things, let us say. 

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