Car of a Year 2016 | #10: Jaguar F-Type R Convertible

On a threshold of supercar designation

This automobile is a top-of-the-line various of Jaguar’s F-Type sports cars, and yet it costs some-more than $100,000, James Early called it “an suddenly good automobile for a price.” Maybe he wasn’t awaiting so most energy for that volume of money. The Jag’s 5-liter supercharged V-8 produces 550 hp and 502 ft lbs of torque, putting it “on a threshold of supercar designation,” according to Gary Spratling. The engine is interconnected with an 8-speed involuntary transmission, enabling a zero-to-60-mph time of 3.9 seconds. “They need to build an autobahn in a U.S. to let this automobile run,” pronounced Don Quigley. 

All-wheel drive, that is new for a 2016 indication year, helps to rein in this infrequently tail-happy sports car, though it also adds 176 pounds, that stirred Walter Cho to quip, “They finally house-trained a cat, though now a cat needs a diet.” 

The F-Type R’s pattern is classically pleasing and somewhat sinister. Rudy Albers pronounced a automobile is “for a knave in you,” and Julian Shles called it “the ideal getaway car—with flair.” 

Standard apparatus includes a competition empty that emits some of a meanest-sounding spits and crackles you’ll ever hear. Hartmut Kraft called a empty note “absolutely amazing.” 

“Roads are safer now. The further of all-wheel expostulate has incited a wildcat into a some-more docile—but still imposing—variant of a species.” —Robert Ross, Robb Report automotive consultant 

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