Born to be Fired: Harley Davidson Plant Faces Layoffs, Closure

Over 800 workers will be sidelined when a plant shuts down, a poignant mercantile strike to the breadwinners and families in the executive US city of about 500,000.

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Workers for the iconic US motorcycle code were repelled by the news of the plant’s closing, claiming that they never saw it coming, according to local reports.

While a company, headquartered in Milwaukee, settled that some employees will be offering an choice to transfer to a Harley plant in Pennsylvania, many have forked out that their lives and story are secure in Kansas City and they can conjunction means nor enterprise to make a move.

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“We have a good workforce, and we did as we were told,” pronounced Kevin Amos, a 17-year maestro at the plant and a boss of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers for Lodge 176 in Kansas City, cited by WDAF-TV.

“We were vital in a seven-year benefaction contract,” he added, observant that workers and kinship bosses were blindsided by the proclamation of the plant’s arriving closure.

“Workers were hurting,” Amos noted, lamenting, “and nonetheless we did all we were ostensible to do.”

Last year’s financial reports suggested a pointy downturn in sales of the highly-visible Harley-Davidson motorcycle brand, ensuing in heavy losses.

“Where is my subsequent job? What am we going to do advantages wise? we have 3 kids and [I’m] a singular mom,” complained Dominique Alstrok, who works at the public plant.

“Right now I’m going to go home, eat my breakfast and afterwards we’ll go demeanour for another job,” she added.

In business in one form or another since 1903, Harley Davidson now contracts many of its tools production to facilities around the world, including Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, and Mexico.

The motorcycles are fabricated in the US, and dual American factories will sojourn open in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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