Bling it on: Lexus LC500 by Liberty Walk

If we reckon your confidant new Lexus LC500 could do with even some-more emboldening, we competence wish to get onto a Liberty Walk organisation in Japan

Lexus is going down a flattering clever new styling instruction these days in an try to get people to recur their offerings. Any doubts about a fact that they’re critical can be fast allayed by a two-second glance during a new LC500. Not everybody will like it, though an even smaller series will be means to omit it.

Which creates we consternation because anyone competence wish to take it on such a particular bottom car for serve embellishment, though that’s accurately what Japanese customising organisation Liberty Walk has done. Moreover, they’ve doubled down with not one though dual takes on a Lexus super-coop. You’ve got to admire their gumption.

Liberty Walk is formed in a eastern suburbs of Nagoya, that is also a home city of Lexus HQ. Liberty’s heading facilities of rivets, ducktail spoilers, and critical circle cove angles are good in justification on both variations.

You can buy these wide-body kits in possibly fibreglass or CFRP, and in particular member form. That ducktail, for a start, can be had from $2000. For a whole pack you’re looking during a starting cost of $13,380 for a grey one in fibreglass and $15,650 for a second one, shown here in white. They don’t demeanour that opposite though there we go. The carbon-plastic equivalents are $16,740 and $19,440.

Add that to a LC500’s £90k start cost and you’ve got yourself one reassuringly costly though also really particular machine, even but a discretionary add-ons of opposite wheels and atmosphere suspension. Just a pursuit for waking adult a residents of Knightsbridge of an evening.

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