Bisimoto’s Latest Creation Is a 1000-HP Civic – Build Biology Honda Wagon Video

Remember that 1029-horsepower Honda Odyssey that could do some-more burnouts than your favorite flesh car? Well, Bisimoto Engineering, a organisation behind that smashing square of engineering, is behind again tuning Hondas after a brief interregnum building center-seat Porsches. Its latest origination is this 1991 Honda Civic car that’s been converted to all-wheel drive, sporting an engine able of 1000 horsepower. We’re interested.

The firm’s founder, Bisi Ezerioha, got a possibility to move his newly-built Civic over to The Hoonigans garage to uncover it off for one of their Build Biology episodes, and even yet no pushing indeed happens via a 15-minute video, it’s positively value a watch. Ezerioha breaks down a whole build start to finish, going over all from a paint tone to a powertrain. The engine is a rarely mutated K24-based Honda inline-four with a 72mm shelter turbo that can furnish adult to 1000 horsepower, that is flattering absurd. The all-wheel expostulate complement is taken from a 2004 Honda CR-V, of all things, beefed adult to hoop all that additional thrust. There’s also a digital sign cluster, a tradition interior, and hurl enclosure embellished in a extraneous color.

That things is only scratching a aspect of what creates this build so cool, though. Check out a full video here to see all of a engineering Bisimoto Engineering put into this thing.

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